December Lambs

I just finished a rewatch of Bones and I had forgotten the incredibly annoying Daisy Christmas episode where she exists solely to wander around and tell everyone repetitively that Jesus was really born in March.

While knowing more than Daisy is kind of a low bar, I happen to know a bit about this.

In other news, it’s been a year since my sheep essay was originally published on Aleteia and I’m every bit as happy with it today as I was when I first wrote it. There aren’t many bits of writing I can say that about.

So, cheers! Enjoy my argumentum ex ovem!

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I do not recommend p hacking…

Via TwistedDoodles on Twitter. Also available for purchase as a greeting card!

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Do you WANT Krampus?

Yesterday after CCE, David asked me “Do you think St. Nicholas will still be in the house between 1am and 2am?”

I replied, “…what? Are you planning on setting a trap for him? Do you want Krampus? Because this is how you get Krampus!”

Later, after the littles were occupied elsewhere, he proclaimed it was because he made color by numbers for everyone and wanted to know when he could put them in the shoes. 😍

I told him to go ahead and put them in shoes. Then he complained that Daddy and I didn’t have shoes out and added ours. Fortunately I had plenty of chocolate coins and oranges leftover from CCE.

The scene this morning before school.

The remainder of the festivities (bratwurst, cabbage, potato salad, and ginger bishops) have been deferred to the weekend, because I spent all day yesterday getting some root canals.

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