This is an example of a blog kept by a very geeky lady. She could edit this page with information about her, or her site, but prefers to remain a little mysterious. She’s the type of lady that has no real social skills, but is still charmingly eccentric. Who might, if she felt inclined, purchase a new handbag for the sheer joy of lighting the interior with LEDs switched to the magnetic clasps. Who might learn Cocoa programming just to get the program she wants. Who has her own Fisher Scientific account. Who makes a point to know as much as she can about everything she does. Who does things her way, a la the Sinatra song, and doesn’t let obstacles like mere nonexistance get in her way. Much.


2 Responses to About

  1. Noralee9 says:

    Saw your post on Father Z’s. Blog. No words can even begin to respond to what you are feeling. I know. I had six miscarriages, before finally having my daughter. Have they tried treating you for Antiphospholipid Antibody syndrome? The treatment is either or both: heparin injections while pregnant, begun as early in the pregnancy as possible; and/or prednisone.

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