What’s For Dinner? Vol. 2 – Division Errors

Chicken Nuggets
We had gone out to have lunch with Raphael’s godparents earlier in the day, and so when dinner rolled around no one was especially hungry. I don’t remember what we ate, but I’m pretty sure I heated up Tanks & Terrys for Raphael.

Tanks & Terrys are the dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. The stegasauruses are the Tanks and the T rexes are the Terrys.

I’m not gonna complain because at least he’s eating.


On Thursday I made a double quantity of the rice portion of risotto, and a single portion of the chicken and asparagus. I took half the rice and saved it for supplì, and mixed the other half with the rest of the ingredients for dinner.

They did not disappoint. Wow were they good. Fiddly and a little heartburn inducing… but good.

Hamburger soup

I thawed 2 pounds of hamburger the night before to serve as one meal of hamburger soup and one meal of dirty rice.

Himself made hamburger soup with all two pounds of meat. It was extra delicious and filling.

I have no recollection of what I ate for dinner on Tuesday. I’m not actually sure I ate anything.

Chick Fil A

It’s CCE night. Slowly, catechists and families are beginning to congregate at this Chick Fil A before catechism class. This amuses me.

Roasted Cabbage, Kielbasa, & Red Potatoes

A Budget Bytes special, and since it incorporates ingredients that everyone (except Raphael) likes separately, I figured it would be a hit if they all got roasted together. And it was.

She isn’t kidding about splitting it between two pans if you double the recipe though. I increased the sausage and potato content by 50% because I had two 12oz packages of sausage and 3lb of red potatoes and a large cabbage, and so it split neatly into two meals that way. And even though my baking pans are nice and large, increasing it by that much made browning a little tenuous. It happened, but needed more babysitting.

And it was great. I subbed honey mustard because I was out of my usual stone ground stuff, and it was still delicious.

Dragon Noodles

Another Budget Bytes recipe, one that I’ve been itching to try for a long time. But I had strong feelings about substituting linguini for the lo mein noodles and couldn’t find lo mein in my grocery store, so I kept putting it off until I could remember to get to a store that sold the right noodles.

I had fed the boys earlier in the evening, and Himself and I were having a late supper. I made a double batch of dragon noodles and served most of that up in a couple of bowls. Himself was attending a cranky baby, so I set his bowl down on the end table by the couch and went to get my own bowl. When I returned, David had absconded with his father’s bowl and was chowing down.

He ended up not eating very much, because they really live up to the name of Dragon noodles. Not surprising with a couple tablespoons of sriracha in there.

Something I am noticing about Budget Bytes – the portions are… small. And we are large, active people with lots of muscle mass, and who need lots of calories. I’m finding that we need at least two servings of a Budget Bytes meal in order to be decently filled up. The dragon noodles were delicious, but I made a double batch, and I doubled the scrambled egg on top of that to provide more heft. And we still ate it all, with room for dessert to boot.

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7 Quick Takes – Kitchen Edition

1. My magnificent husband gave me the best birthday gift – an under the cabinet swiveling knife block. It frees up a whole chunk of counter space that is now permanently dedicated to my stand mixer – no more lugging that monster in and out of cabinets – and otherwise makes me very happy.


Yes my birthday was a month ago. Hurricane Harvey massivly delayed the whole ordering/shipping/delivery process, but it can’t be helped. Anyway, last year’s birthday gift (pegboard installed in my kitchen, like in Julia Child’s) took longer to get finished, in part because I wasn’t entirely sure how much I wanted (a lot it turned out). So this was overall very promptly accomplished, and I’m every bit as happy with it as I was with the pegboard.

2. He also gave me Birthday Whiskey, which was very useful since Harvey was busy flooding the neighborhood on my birthday.

3. Some photos of the pegboard, so it doesn’t feel left out. This is about 6 months after my birthday. Two weeks before Julian was born, yes, I was climbing up to stand on things and hang up all those little hooks. Don’t tell my OB.

And a couple months ago we rounded the corner. Eventually, I plan to paint it, but I have a massive case of color indecision. What do I choose? I’m torn between wine-red and life-affirming teal.

Yes, I have a startling number of cast iron frying pans. And I use every single one. Don’t judge me.

4. Speaking of cast iron, did you know the real secret to it’s magical non-stick qualities are to preheat the pan adequately? I learned that this year, and it’s just magical. In my grandma’s pans, which are machined smooth, eggs slide around like they’re on ice. And even in the rougher Lodge skillets, they don’t stick as long as you get the pan good and hot before you put anything in it.

5. Unrelated to food-preparation unit organization, but I really enjoyed this article about Batman marrying Catwoman, even though I’m forever a shipper of Batman and Wonder Woman. Bruce Timm ended up focusing too much on the John Stewart – Shayera Hol romance.

6. Also an enjoyable read, about counter intuitive probability, complete with probability tables explaining why her analysis was correct.

7. I leave you all with this picture my son took of me last Friday, which really sums up my life in a way I couldn’t in a thousand words.


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This is what happens when you drive in Houston’s traffic…

So, it turns out that blogging on Monday and Tuesday just isn’t going to happen. Work is too crazy.

Yesterday I meant to blog, but I got distracted by the process of teaching David how to write an informative essay. Our prompt was ‘an awesome animal’ and I took him through the process of choosing a subject to write about, locating sources of information, and creating an outline.

This took All. Day. In the morning, in the middle of a conversation he forgot what we were talking about, so I sent him off to drink a cup of tea while I finished writing my CCE lesson for the evening. After he was sufficiently caffeinated, the whole writing process went much better.

Thursday mornings, Raphael has speech therapy. Then we usually do a variety of needful errands. Today, this happened.

It seemed a crime to just fold him up and put him in the back of the van. So we buckled him into the front seat instead.

The debate on what to name him is intense. Raphael is lobbying for Mim. I want a name with a bone-pun. David wants to name him Skelly.

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