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A Day at the Museum

Today was insanely busy. I got up, got David’s schoolwork lined up, and told him that when he was done with that we could leave for the natural science museum. Then I bundled the smaller two into the car. We … Continue reading

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Toy Tales – Part 1

So I sat down this afternoon, gave myself about four hours, and wrote up a starter rule set for a toddler role playing game.  I figured that if it took longer than four hours, it was already too complicated for … Continue reading

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Teaching Dialogue

Me: Did anything exciting happen yesterday?   GeekBaby: *shrugs*    Me: Was there anything in your shoes?    GeekBaby: …Candy!    Me: And who brought you candy?    GeekBaby: …Saint Nicholas!    Me: And why did he bring you candy?  … Continue reading

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