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Conversations with David

David has just unwrapped a spare chocolate coin from CCE and handed it to me on our drive home. David:  “I think I’m going to have dessert [ice cream] after dinner tonight.  Do you want any?” Me:  “Nah, I’m eating … Continue reading

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Emergency Knitting

For the weekend of Father’s Day, my brother came into town. And when my brother is in town, he, my father, and I play massive tournaments of Innovation. (We all love Innovation. It’s like someone took the Civilization tech tree … Continue reading

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Why I Won’t Wear a Mantilla

It’s not that I don’t like mantillas. I do. They’re usually quite pretty. And I like pretty things. But wearing a mantilla just because it’s pretty is not, in my opinion, a good reason to wear one. And for me, … Continue reading

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