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This Year in the Advent Candle Marathon…

Every year, mostly*, I pour beeswax pillar candles for our Advent wreath. I melt down the leftovers from the previous year because beeswax is $$$. And, every year I leave it to the last minute. I firmly intend to melt … Continue reading

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A Fauxdori Cover

Well, I just got laid flat for 3? 4? days by norovirus. And this was going so well too. I suppose it couldn’t be helped. Let us hope that no one else gets sick, because that was an absolutely vile … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes – Aesthetic Edition

1. My OB is fussing over my (plummeting) progesterone levels again. They've dropped dramatically ever since I had to stop the injections. It doesn't really worry me as much as it maybe should because I produced GeekBaby with a of … Continue reading

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