So of course the day after I blog about not needing home to be tidy and decorated, I decorated for Pentecost. You can get the origami paper for the flames from Door Number 9 on Etsy. Don’t worry, the rest of my kitchen is still dirty.

In addition to today being the birthday of the Church… Raphael is 5.

He asked for a golden dragon.

It came with a nice hardback copy of Farmer Giles of Ham.

Yes, he is so excited that that is tape stuck in his hair.

Not pictured are the copy of Lego Batman 1 for the Wii and the high backed booster seat he finally grew big enough to ride in.

I felt really guilty about buying him a new booster seat for a birthday present, but he needed the booster and honestly after a collective total of 14 birthdays and 16 Christmases, there just isn’t much we don’t have already.

Turns out he’s so excited to use a seatbelt that I needn’t have worried.

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