Oh Crap, it’s Friday isn’t it?

And I suppose that about tells you how my day has gone.

Have some photos.

Now that the baby is almost one, I’m trying to get back into the meatless Fridays. Naturally, I forgot to eat lunch. Then I found this Snickers, and it was like God spoke to me. And He told me to eat something and stop snarling at my children. So I did.

Then I made onigiri stuffed with salted salmon for dinner.

Julian is suspicious.

But it ultimately met with his approval. The shiozake did at least.

Earlier today I was sitting relatively peacefully, enforcing the ‘do your bloody schoolwork before I eat you alive’ rule, when I was struck by inspiration so violently that I jumped in my chair and knocked over a pile of crap. The inspiration was to use some small individual coat hooks horizontally as curtain tie backs. I even had just enough oil rubbed bronze spray paint left to give them a coat so they matched the rest of the curtain hardware.

And they’re PERFECT.

This is why I never throw anything away. Nothing is quite as demoralizing as realizing you now have the perfect use for something that you threw away in a misplaced frenzy to live an unachievably orderly life.

Okay, this is from earlier in the week, but I have acquired a hanging wall file and a pretty bulletin board in my quest to turn my corner into something that approaches a functional work space. The basket has potential. I might get one or two more.

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