A Fauxdori Cover

Well, I just got laid flat for 3? 4? days by norovirus. And this was going so well too. I suppose it couldn’t be helped. Let us hope that no one else gets sick, because that was an absolutely vile experience.

Since I need something brainless to talk about today, I thought I’d share my new fauxdori travelers notebook-esque with y’all.

Traveler’s notebooks are kind of expensive, and they tend to use a weird notebook size, and I’m not super keen on the whole ‘lots of little notebooks held together with rubber bands’ business. But I love the covers themselves, and I desperately wanted a similar style cover for the soft cover Moleskine notebook where I back up my brain. When I found myself with some Amazon and Michaels gift cards after the Christmas dust had settled, I decided to make one.

Amazon provided me with a 12″ square of scrap upholstery leather in a rich brown. But it was impossibly floppy, nowhere near sturdy enough for a notebook cover. And I didn’t really want to go through the merry go round of ordering different kinds of leather to see what ended up being stiff enough to work.

Instead I elected to stiffen the leather I had by soaking it in molten beeswax.

Himself thought I was absolutely insane at first, but the results spoke for themselves.

I double threaded the book with teal elastic, so I had two strands to hold my much larger notebook securely in place. And instead of the lead wire crimp seal that a regular travelers notebook would use, I just knotted the elastic in the interior of the cover.

To replace the seal aesthetically, I cut up a cord bracelet of tiny Saint Benedict medals to get the beads. One medal got threaded into the elastic at the top of the spine and another was threaded onto my big notebook’s bookmark, both as a weight and because I just really like those tiny medal-beads.

Last, but most important, I added two more 2mm holes punched in the front cover about 1cm apart horizontally, then slit the leather between them. This lets me hook my beloved Lamy securely onto the notebook and mostly prevents me from losing it.

As a finished product, I really think it’s perfect. The beeswax has left the leather sturdy (and waterproof), but it also has a sense of not being too proud to get banged about. It’s not a notebook too proud to work. It keeps track of my pen. The colors make me happy. The medals remind me to pray. And it smells lovely.

And all of this very tangible pleasure in the physical object of the notebook turns out to be very important when it comes down to actually using it regularly, but I’ll talk about that another time.

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3 Responses to A Fauxdori Cover

  1. Foxfier says:

    The bee’s wax idea is brilliant!

    Totally stealing to pass on to my mom– she already has bee’s wax for the thread uses with leather, and you can buff out any basic scrapes.

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