Seven Quick Blog Posts I Haven’t Finished Writing Yet

1. I’m slowly unearthing myself from the haze of late pregnancy, emergency abdominal surgery, recovery, and the ADD-like experience of having a brand new infant in the house.

Theoretically, I could be posting baby pictures. However that is going to have to wait for him to stop impromptu soiling my sheets necessitating emergency loads of laundry.

2. Easter was especially glorious this year. It was the first year where it felt like Easter the way that late December feels like Christmas. The first year where putting the meal together was relatively effortless, so much so that I could even handle it with low amounts of sleep and a colicky baby. I have thoughts about Easter, but they seem to require more caffeine than is strictly healthy to pry them out of my frontal cortex (and possibly my cerebellum).

3. School has been going swimmingly since Easter. After fighting it for a long time, I have finally embraced the concept of the morning basket, and so we have a good six books going. Homeschooling has suddenly become enjoyable again, and I suspect it would become even moreso if only I could get the upstairs room clean and fitted out with the proper table.

4. Speaking of the proper table, IKEA is on my List. And not on the good one. They had a perfect table solution for me. The Linnmon table top in glossy white was perfect and I just needed to scrape together the spare change to buy it, and then when I HAD, it was unavailable.

I want a basic tabletop, at least 4’ x 2’, preferably 5-6’x 3’, that has a dry erase surface. That’s all I want. Apparently it’s too much to ask.

5. One of the more interesting aspects of my maternity leave is that I didn’t quite have enough vacation and sick time to cover the entire maximum twelve weeks I can take. However my postdoc, who is a prince among postdocs and an all around excellent human being let me save up histology images to measure because I can do that slowly from home. Working from home has been an interesting experience, it requires far more discipline than just rolling out of bed and leaving the house, but is overall less exhausting.

6. I’ve been spending a lot of time on Facebook. This will forever be worthwhile because it led to a tidbit of information that has changed my life.

You MUST preheat cast iron before you cook on it. Otherwise, food will stick no matter how good your seasoning.

Since I learned this to be factual, I have been using my grandmother’s cast iron skillets every day. It works. Even for eggs. Even for bacon. The pans clean all the way with just a nylon scrubber and hot water. It is glorious. Rub a drop of flax seed oil into the cooking surface after it’s clean and dry to protect it during storage, and you’re golden.

7. Raphael has been officially diagnosed with an articulation delay. This means that we have an initial meeting scheduled with the local elementary speech pathologist for therapy. I am hopeful that a couple speech therapy sessions a week will knock it out before he becomes old enough for kindergarten.

This does NOT mean that he is not expressive in his own way. Yesterday he rushed over to kiss his baby brother before his daddy took him on a walk down to the mailbox to fetch the mail.

Mike: “You’re such a good big brother.”
[the door shuts behind him]
Raphael: “And STAY out!!”

I laughed so long, hard, and loud, that Mike came back in to figure out what was the matter.

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