Halloween 2016

I have been terribly terribly negligent in posting this year’s Halloween costumes.  Mea culpa.

This year, David decided to be Matthias from Redwall.  I liked this costume because it meant we could hand him a plush animal and a San Damian’s crucifix the next day and he could be Saint Francis in the parade of saints.  But then we all got sick, and so it didn’t happen.

Raphael originally was going to be a Transformer, but that costume just didn’t work out this year and he wouldn’t hold still for the modeling.  A last minute costume was needed.  So we painted him green and gave him torn purple shorts and he was the Hulk.

He was not happy about the green body paint. Unsurprisingly, he warmed up to being green once people started giving him candy.  Now we’ve had to hide the rest of the green body to prevent recurrences of Hulk Baby.

(Credit for the ‘puny god’ Raphael is holding goes to his Godmother.)

There’s one more costume of note.

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3 Responses to Halloween 2016

  1. Monique Reed says:

    Wish I could claim credit for the Floppy Loki, but–sadly–I can’t. Just the idea that there should be one. For which my own Loki will never forgive me.

    Mad Auntie Mo.

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