Today was the best kind of vacation day, the sort where you have no real plan and end up taking a 2 hour nap on accident and then spending the evening outside.  Also there were   donuts.

We ran out to the best bakery in the world in the morning and bought a simply ludicrous number of donuts.  The plan was to have extra for our breakfast tomorrow, but various appetites expanded to fill the quantity of donuts so the only ones left for the drive are the ones glazed and then rolled in finely chopped peanuts.  My mom and I are happy, but no one else is.  Fortunately the bakery is on our way out of town.

And then we just relaxed.  The boys played.  I knit on geeky craft exchange Bigger on the Inside shawls with all my might and main.  Raphael got put down for a nap at 2 and sucked me into a nap as well around 3:30.

In the evening we played cornhole and looked for a snapper turtle that was lurking around the dock and I acquired a precious supply of rhubarb to bring home with us.  Rhubarb is $8/pound in Texas grocery stores.  And it’s not in great shape by the time it goes on sale either.

I haven’t seen my oldest cousin a lot since we’ve been nominal adults, but I’ve spent more time with him in the last two days than in the last 15 years and it has been interesting getting reacquainted.  I think I maybe understand him better now than I did when we were kids, and the naturalist in him gets along with the biologist in me very well.

He saw a snapper turtle pop it’s head up in the lake while we were halfway through our second game of cornhole and so David and I stayed out on the dock with him for another hour, hoping to catch it so David could get a close look at it.  Apparently it’s egg laying season and she’s looking for a place to lay.  And we talked about turtles and fishing and how deer will eat birds if given the opportunity and Wild Kratts, which was David’s contribution.

Later the boys and I FaceTimed Daddy to say goodnight.  It’s rough on them being apart from him.  David is intent on fishing at home, to hone his skill for the next visit, and Mike has promised to look into it.

Tomorrow we head home, two days of driving. And the weather in Texas is not promising.  And then it’s back into the grind.  At least, by the time we get home, Mike will be off for the summer.

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