7 Quick Takes – Pretty Cool Edition

1.  I did get to swim yesterday after all.  When I did the household shopping, all three stores were out of size 5 diapers.  After Costco, I stormed out of Target in wrath without buying anything, and my last ditch hope, the grocery store was out too.  And by this point I had a full cooler and a shopping cart full of cold things that wouldn’t fit in the cooler, so I couldn’t try a fourth store.

So instead of making dinner, I went to swim.  I finished my kilometer just as they took the lanes down for Aquafit and spent the next 30 minutes combing the tangles out of my hair.  

Then on the way home I stopped at the fourth store which I knew would have the right size diapers.  So instead of the frugal and healthy hamburger soup, we ate straight hamburgers, and there was much rejoicing.

I slept really well and feel amazing today after swimming.  I really need to make regular time for it.

2.  I ended yesterday’s post rather abruptly, because my children claimed to be bored with the play area (!!!) and wanted to leave.  I had to wrap things up in a hurry, because they were coming out repeatedly to see if we could leave yet.  It wasn’t meant to be self pitying, so much as illustrative.  I hope to get back to the topic another time.

3.  To whom it may concern:  chocolate money is available at World Market.  I just need to make the boys pajamas and I am set for December 6th.

4.  Now that I have a new, extremely large, phone, I have been doing a little window shopping trying to figure out how, exactly to tote around something that fits in my pockets even less securely than my new phone.

I blame women’s clothing designers, for making pockets smaller, and Apple, for making their phone bigger. Also for stupidly moving the power button to the side, which necessitated an even larger phone.

Anyway, I asked some more fashion conscience of my acquaintances for advice and turned up this gem*:

It is almost, but not quite perfect. The wine red color is perfect – I will buy almost anything if it comes in that shade of red – but the design is meh. I don’t really need a clutch purse.

A clutch wallet on the other hand would be perfect.  Lo and behold*:

Sadly, it does not come in the perfect red.

I like it enough that I went to the effort of tracking down and providing Handbag Butler with some feedback on the colors and they were really nice to me.  So now the debate isn’t ‘do I wait till they bring out new colors?’ it’s ‘what color do I buy while I wait in hope for the perfect red?’.

Thus concludes one of my biannual awareness of fashion moments.

5.  Daniel Mitsui has coloring pages!


I am extremely happy about this.  I wish he would assemble a coloring book, I bet it would be a big hit.

6.  This awesome video of the neutrophil chasing and eating a Staphylococcus aureus is simply mesmerizing.

7.  X-ray flare from a supermassive black hole caught by Swift and NuStar.  Very cool.


* These are Amazon Associates links, if you buy anything after visiting Amazon via my link, I get a small percent.  Don’t begrudge me this pittance.

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