Changes Afoot

You may have noticed I’ve been rather active the last day or so.  A way back in June, I washed my iPhone.  Don’t ask how.  It was in a purple otterbox that went into a load of white sheets.  

Anyhow.  It took a nice five minute bath in the bright white cycle of the washer and that was that, it was deader than Nietzsche.

This was a problem, since I did most of my blogging on my phone.  My dad lent me an old iPhone 4 to get by, but it just couldn’t handle heavier work load of blogging.  Andthere were   recalcitrant computers, and socially demanding coworkers, and new catechetical frameworks, and experiments to perform, and a new niece, and a new school year, and a visit from the Entmaiden, and life was busy and full and interesting.

And sometimes, when that happens, it freaks me out and I just need to go hibernate a little until I can handle all its awesomeness again.

Or sometimes life is full a bad way, and I need to hibernate until it’s gotten better.

I’ve finally coming out of a variety of these hibernations back to back and it’s time to get a handle on things.  Including here.

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