Emergency Knitting

For the weekend of Father’s Day, my brother came into town. And when my brother is in town, he, my father, and I play massive tournaments of Innovation.

(We all love Innovation. It’s like someone took the Civilization tech tree and turned it into a card came. It’s fantastic.)

Now. I am notorious for having a bad temper during games. My dad and brother both tend to be lucky in cards, and I get frustrated. Thus I knit during play, which both improves my attitude and my game.

Sunday, I forgot my knitting.

I have been knitting a garter shawl for Lissla Lissar from yarn she spun over the winter. And garter stitch is fabulous for knitting during game play, because there’s nothing really to think about, it just goes and occasionally you turn it around and go the other way.

Well, I forgot it, and things progressed poorly from that point on. They were so bad that my dad was considering sending me home to get my knitting. And then I remembered, I had emergency knitting in my purse.

I always keep a sock, or materials to begin a sock, in a zippered pouch in my purse. Once I finally had a toe established (which always takes a couple tries), everything was better. Not perfect, as sock knitting is more complicated, and thus not as perfectly suited to gaming as garter stitch. But it went well enough.

My dad and brother couldn’t decide whether they should be amused at the fact that I always carry emergency knitting, or relieved.

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