Why I Love Our Pediatrician

When I picked the boys up at my mom’s yesterday afternoon, she told me Raphael was swallowing rather gingerly, and hadn’t eaten much that day. That, combined with my dad’s morning intelligence report that strep is going around our area (even in adults!) was enough to improvise a tongue depressor and take a quick look at the boys’ throats. They looked strep-y to me.

The combination of strep going around, plus the mysterious fever Raphael had on Saturday night, his ginger swallowing, and the suspicious looking throats was sufficient for me to call and make both of them a pediatrician appointment for this morning.

The key indicator of strep, though, is that they each acted like they felt fine. Both boys have a long and aggravating history of mostly symptomless strep – no fevers and only mild sore throats.

I brought them in and our pediatrician looks at them and says "I don’t think they have strep, but if their nasal drainage has been going on this long, they probably have sinus infections. But I’ll run the test if you want, I know you don’t bring them in for every little thing."

Ten minutes later "Double strep! You and Daddy should probably get yourselves tested too."

So yes. Augmentin all around! And, yet again, reduced school. *sigh*

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4 Responses to Why I Love Our Pediatrician

  1. Mad Auntie Mo says:

    The two of us are now certified strep-free. : )

  2. Megan says:

    Excellent doctor!

    J seems to be rather disinclined to run fevers–he’s had a nasty ear infection and strep both in the last month and his temp was below 98 both times. The strep we caught on the basis of him having scarlet fever. (I like calling it that instead of just saying, “He had a funny rash on his chest.” It makes it seem like the solution to all our problems is to caulk the wagons and float across the river.)

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