My work schedule shifted to a different pattern in October and I’ve had a lot of trouble adjusting. Instead of working 1 on, 1 off, 1.5 on, 1 off, weekend, I’m now working 2.5 on, 2.5 off, weekend. I hadn’t realized how much I relied on having the days off interspersed with my days on, to facilitate easy working night dinners and leftovers for lunch. Changing the schedule has wrought havoc with our diet, and our shopping, and the homeschooling, and just my ability to keep with it. But I’m adapting and things are settling down, finally. So I can maybe put up a real blog post soon.

Right now, I’m elbow deep in Advent candles and knitting boy sweaters for Christmas gifts, and the endless chaos of work and home and school right before the holidays. I have the crusts of two pies to make and pack to my inlaws, along with all the various things I’ve acquired for filling them. When we get back, I have a baptism cake to make, and we’ll be full in the Advent swing of cleaning, getting rid of stuff, and decorating.

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