Learning Notes – Week of September 28

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I’m still a week behind, but I’m catching up! Sadly, I don’t quite remember what happened this week. It’s all blurry, and I’m not sure whether it’s just because I need a giant cup of coffee, or just to fall asleep for 100 years.


A day of rest metamorphosed into a day of slacking off. Road construction kept us from getting to our parish in time for the 11:30 mass, so we had to find a sinner’s mass elsewhere. And it had especially penitential music.

I did find this new map of the US that I really think we need to put up in the Archive of All Things.


Today I had a sinus headache of monumental, and horrific proportions. I got up, got everything ready to go to work and was sitting in my chair drinking coffee when it smote me as if from on high. Mike sent me upstairs to bed and took the boys over to my mom’s.

So the standard MoMo work got done by David anyway, but I kind of feel like this day was a wash.

Halfway through the day, I realized that it was both Himself’s and Raphael’s major feast day, and I felt like a heel for being sick and not even able to go to the store to acquire something to feast upon. Then I realized I had half a batch of white buttercream and half a devils food cake mix in the freezer. So I did manage to make a dessert for them, and Himself handled dinner for me because he’s wonderful that way.


We were scheduled to go to the Butterfly Center on a field trip today, and because I was still dealing with leftover headache, we didn’t go. It’s not so much that I wasn’t up to it, as that I was afraid of driving all the way downtown and then having another headache get me and strand us there. So we stayed home, and did the normal school day.


The bloom and novelty of CCE has worn off for both David and my kindergarteners.


I cannot remember Thursday at all. Pretend we did something awesome, like build a working thermonuclear reactor out of toothpicks, okay?


Today was Park Day. David contrived to make us late for Mass, so we just went to the park. He played. I knit and tended the baby. We hit the grocery store twice, even though it hadn’t done a thing to us. After we got home and had put all the cold things away, we read about Hammurabi, then took naps.


Another FTCM day. Not quite as good as the first, but still acceptably good.

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One Response to Learning Notes – Week of September 28

  1. Megan says:

    “We hit the grocery store twice, even though it hadn’t done a thing to us.”


    (I am a little punch-drunk today and finding everything funny due to a certain person waking up at 4 a.m.)

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