Learning Notes – Week of September 21

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I am really embarrassingly behind on these, but at least I got them up.


I did promise a ‘To Be Continued…!’ last week, but things have been so chaotic this week that I’m only now getting around to typing up last week’s notes!

So. Sunday morning, David graces us with this.


That is the Pyramid of Cheops. There is a Duplo figure in the hollow middle of the pyramid. And that enormous thing dwarfing it is the Sphinx.

He was trying to build a pyramid by propping blocks up, but it wasn’t working. I showed him how to build a solid Lego pyramid. It was his idea and accomplishment to hollow out the middle and add a figure for Cheops.

This really makes me feel much better about his retention from the history book.


Momo day. He has his copy work and his spelling and his book of math problems to work on. I am seeing amazing results just from 10 math problems three days a week, he’s doing voluntary low level addition in his head without needing to count things out. HIs handwriting is hit or miss, though. He’s copying High Flight line by line as I try to memorize it.


We read a bit of history today, did some math and some spelling. Then I gave a shopping and cooking lesson to The Captain, because it was her boyfriend’s birthday, and taught her to cook beef & beer. We were planning to game, but it really just devolved into sitting around eating, drinking beer, and the ladies knit. It was very relaxing.


Momo work was accomplished, and well accomplished. Naps were taken. Jambalaya was made. CCE happened and was not a disaster, even though Himself (who had a cold) took DangerBaby (who had pulled a chair off a desk and onto his head, resulting in a cut on the bridge of his nose) off home to be miserable together in peace.

We were leaving CCE and heading to the truck and two toads were in the parking log. When we walked over, one hopped into the grass, and the other hid under the truck. So I had to get my flashlight out and find the toad under the truck and put him in the grass. There I was, flat on my belly in the parish parking lot, rummaging under my battered pickup just to rescue a toad, because, as I explained to David, when toads go to hide, they try to get under things. And thus I found the toad, which had wedged itself as far beneath my tire as it could flatten itself.

That counts as biology, right?

I did hold the toad up to the window to show David before I put it in the grass. David is very squeamish.


Momo day. I mixed the math up for David today and gave him four subtraction problems, but he triumphed without apparently breaking a sweat.


Today, we went, impromptu-like, to the park. We returned library books, hit the grocery store for bread and apples and sundry, packed up a cooler bag of food and the picnic quilt and hit the park. I had my knitting. David had the playground. Raphael had me, two books, and three toys, none of which could restrain him from leaving the safety of the picnic quilt and heading barefoot for the playground as well. (His shoes were in some safe but unknown and unavailable location.)

When David decided it was time to eat, we had peanut butter sandwiches and sliced apples. I read the next chapter of Story of the World aloud, and David actually listened. Apparently the key to attentiveness here is reading while eating.

We spent 3 hours at the park, then went home and watched the newest Jane Eyre movie (to research that pretty garter stitch shawl) and took naps and generally rested. It was a good day.


I do not know what the boys did Saturday. But I had my first Formation Toward Christian Ministry class, which is the basic, three semester course that you need to complete in our diocese to be involved in any sort of educational ministry. It is the first year our parish is hosting the classes, which are full Saturday affairs. And it was surprisingly good.

Really surprising, actually. The baptismal preparation is a joke, and although CCE has improved immensely with the new curricula, I honestly wasn’t expecting much. Instead it was very good. I have another one next Saturday and I’m anticipating it as potentially interesting, instead of dreading it as one more catechetical hoop to jump through.

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2 Responses to Learning Notes – Week of September 21

  1. Melanie says:

    I highly recommend snacks during read aloud time. They most definitely aid concentration. And while I don’t like using food as a reward, having food as a positive association with reading along with pleasant comfortable locations like the park might go a long way to making it feel less like work and more like leisure.

    In fact, now that I think about it, one of my troubleshooting questions when Bella can’t focus on school work is “Are you hungry?” Half the time that’s it and if I can get some food into her she’ll sit down and get the work done. The girl is a black hole and I have no idea where all the food goes.

    • GeekLady says:

      Ditto on the black hole. I don’t know where it all goes, unless that’s what fuels all the jumping off the couch.

      It is fascinating though, watching David complain he’s too tired to take a shower or walk up to his bed, only to have him jump up and run around if there is the prospect of friends to play with.

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