Learning Notes – Week of September 15

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We were all sick today. We didn’t even go to Mass, which was too bad because it was the catechist commissioning weekend. But I was too sick and lightheaded to manage it, even by myself, much less trying to wrangle two sick little boys.
I did knit a bunch on my Skydottir, but that is about all that happened. I finished one sleeve, and started the second.


We were all still sick today. It was a sore throat illness, and mine still hurt, so I couldn’t even read aloud that well. Did some more knitting. Around noon, David began ricochetting off the walls like he’s mainlined a 10 lb. bag of sugar. Guess he’s feeling better, but I’m too tired to cope.
More knitting, this time with math. I discover I didn’t increase the first sleeve enough and because the increases aren’t on any sort of standard structure I have to rip the whole first sleeve back to where the increases start and reknit it. Instead I finish the second sleeve, because I’m tired of ripping and repeating the first one.
When will I ever learn to adjust a pattern to my measurements before I start knitting? Apparently never.


Today was a work day, which is a little unusual, but okay. David went off with his math and spelling and barely did anything on either. Mom said he still isn’t feeling very well, which I can believe.


Halfway through the week, and all we’ve done is one page out of the spelling lesson’s four. Bah. I sat David down to finish the spelling and then I count the remaining lessons. Maybe, we’re going through this book a bit fast. It only has 36 lessons, and we just finished lesson nine. The first five lessons were all letter sound fluff, easy to rip through, but now we’re into actual spelling lists. I’m going to switch gears. On Tuesdays, we will do one lesson, and the rest of the week he will copy that lesson’s spelling list (at MoMo’s), or practice spelling them aloud for me (at home).
I do have to admit, the two hard, two easy, one medium model is working pretty well for us.

I had a bunch of errands that needed doing, so out we all went in the rain. David was a pill the whole time. Raphael was angelic.
Tonight was the first night of CCE. I didn’t feel all that well prepared, but it seemed like everything went all right. I don’t know what angel prompted me to make 12 copies of my parent letter and Nunc Dimittis, but I’m glad I did because I had exactly twelve students on my roster!
We are using the new Allelu! curriculum, and it is generally a huge improvement over the scandal that was Faith First, but the CD of kid music included with the catechist box is horrifyingly bad. And I was told that my assigned co-teacher switched to Sunday, but then she showed up anyway and I was not mentally prepared to deal with teaching a CCE lesson with a complete stranger ‘helping’ me. Sigh.
David forgot to bring home his CCE page that included his homework, and the supply money we paid doesn’t appear to have actually produced any sort of reliable set of supplies. So now I need to scramble some together for him to take next week.


Today was a far more normal Momo day. He had his spelling list to copy, which he did, and some math to do, which he also did. But not much else happened.


Today was a doozy of an educational day! We got up and it was pouring buckets of rain, but we went downtown anyway and spent a couple hours in the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Hall of Paleontology (and their McDonalds, having lunch). David settled down about halfway through to draw the composite Dimetrodon skeleton on display.

We left to take the train down to the pediatrician appointments (Well Baby/Child visits), and while we were in the waiting room, I read to him from the Story of the World, chapters 3 and 4 on hieroglyphics and the mummy and pyramid of Cheops. Who I did not know was pronounced Key-ops until Sunday.

After the checkups, David treated me to a frappuccino and himself to a milk and cookie and we sat in Starbucks to enjoy our treats and for him to wave at everyone coming in. He’s at his sweetest and best behaved when he thinks he’s being all grown up. I just wish I could convince him that some of the things he thinks are boring are also grown up.
After our treats, we road the train back to the museum and went through the new Ancient Egypt wing. In addition to the standard artifacts of pottery and stonework, there were three human mummies, oodles of coffins and cartonnages, and a mummified cat. David found it all very impressive.
On the way out, we stopped to watch the museum’s Focault’s Pendulum, which is always a favorite piece. I wonder if there is a children’s book about it.

​On the drive home, I tried to hear David’s recitation about the things we looked at today, but he steadfastly refused to perform. He promised to do it the next day, while we were on our way to the fossil wash.


Today felt like a complete educational disaster. David refused to recite anything about the day before’s trip to the museum. So I reread the chapters about hieroglyphics and half of the mummy chapter while we were driving, instead of knitting. I had been looking forward to my knitting time during that drive.
We were going to a fossil wash that the HMNS was holding at its Sugarland extension. They brought 1,000 pounds of red Permian dirt from North Texas to be washed and sorted. I had a blast, but David rubbed through the dirt a little, found one bone chip, declared himself done, and went inside to play.
After he was inside, the boy who took his place at the table found a Dimetrodon tooth, a Diplocaulus tooth, and a forked piece of Diplocaulus rib. I found some coprolites, and a few chips of bone.
We finished up at the museum, which really wasn’t anything special enough to merit the trip and went home, stopping for burgers on the way. I knit and felt like a miserable failure because David just doesn’t seem to be interested in actually doing anything. Just watching TV and ‘playing*’.

* ‘playing’ does not indicate that actual play is happening.

To Be Continued…!

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5 Responses to Learning Notes – Week of September 15

  1. Are you sure Loki doesn’t live at your house?!

  2. Melanie says:

    Bella never “tells” on command. But when I’m not looking for it, entire books come pouring out of her head. It’s frustrating because it’s hard to know at the time what’s sinking in. She’d getting a bit better now. She’s starting to at least answer questions and when we get interrupted, she can restate the last thing I read to “help me find my place.” I may be a little dramatic about looking for where we were just to prompt her to have a reason to recite.

  3. Megan says:

    “Raphael was angelic.”

    I see what you did there.

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