Meta Posting

I’ve been promising an essay on my blog title for an embarrassingly long time. It’s time to deliver. Conceiving the title, the right title, was bad enough. Explaining it has been simply brutal. My chief problem is that, before we can care for or feed a geek, we need to know what a geek is.

This is an intimidating topic. I started noodling it a couple years ago when I (finally) settled on the right title for my blog. Then the internet went fusion over some spurious complaints about ‘fake geek girls’. And I didn’t want to touch that load with a standard 10′ pole. So I put it aside for a while. And that while stretched on.

And let’s face it, blogging regularly isn’t exactly my strong point. There is something about facing the blog post editor that I find distracting and intimidating. I get wound up in making the formatting just right, or in how I’m not happy with the overall blog design, or …squirrel! and it makes my writing process even more ridiculously slow than the normal rate.

At the beginning of Lent, I set things up so that I could post via email, and this turns out to be the wisest and most productive thing I could have done. I’ve been blogging here for over eight years, but these last two months have been my most reliably productive ever. There is something about the nakedness of an email that frees my words. It even relieves some of my anxiety about the idea of people reading my blog, although I try not to think too hard about this.

Anyway. I’ve spent a couple of years on thinking about what a geek is, why a geek is, what makes us tick. I’ve spent those years mothering one geek. We’ve added another one to the mix. So my new title should finally be explained, and less than two years after I originally promised an essay.

My brain just has a very long gestation period.

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