Holy Week Recapped

So, on Holy Thursday Himself came home with some sort of awful gastroenteritis. He remained thoroughly sick through Holy Saturday morning, and is still a little unsettled even. Which just goes to show how life can walk in and smack your plans in the face and you can’t do anything about it except roll with it.

This year’s modest successes:

Tenebrae seems to be entrenched as a family tradition! This surprises me a little, because I worry that it’s just another of my temporary enthusiasms that Himself is humoring. If it is becoming a tradition, I’m very grateful.

Joe Pastry’s pan di ramerino are very good. We will definitely make these again.

We got the house presentably clean before any of the guests arrived. Yay! This is due almost completely to the assistance of the Artisté, who came over to help kid-wrangle.

I did not experience a stress-related dive into the Easter candy before Easter actually arrived.

The Easter Vigil in general went well. David lasted awake till the 5th reading, and woke up again during the confirmations at the end. But he was fascinated by the fire at the beginning and the candle lit procession* into the dark church, and his behavior was immaculate until most of the way through the Exsultet. He didn’t set anyone on fire with his candle, either.

My lamb cake was perfect. It unmolded perfectly, was moist and delicious, the head didn’t fall off this year, and it was decorated in utter defiance of Cake Wrecks’ mockery. I’m so happy. I was worried that I would have to chose between having baptism cake** for Easter, or having a cake baked in the lamb mold.

This year’s massive fails:

I could not get our little Paschal candle to unmold. And then I messed up the always tricky job of painting it.

I could not find a dress that didn’t decentuate every good feature of my build into a fat frumpy feature. So I wore slacks.

The leg of lamb took twice as long to cook as it should. So instead of eating at 1ish, we ate at 3ish, much to my embarrassment.

My lemon ricotta pie was an abject failure I baked it until it had pie melanoma, but it still sloshed. I’m about ready to give up on lemon ricotta pie altogether and return to the reliable and delicious lemon tart.

We didn’t make it either the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, or the Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion. Between having to work on Friday and the littles, it was just too hard. Vespers is a poor substitute, but at the same time also a relief. It does save all of our in-church stamina for the Vigil.

Alterations for next year:

I’m not even going to try to plan on going to anything but the Vigil. The disappointment of missing when life doesn’t cooperate is too great.

Next year on Holy Thursday, we’ll try incorporating a family foot washing ceremony. I wanted to this year, but forgot to write about it, and then nothing worked out that day anyway.

I’m not going to procrastinate on my candle-making next year!***

I threw my terrible gloppy acrylic paint markers in the trash. Next year, I’m painting with brushes.

Note to self: three dozen cascarrones are not enough.

Himself and I are taking Easter Monday off, if possible. Last night our last guests left well after 10pm, and that made for quite a rough morning today.

* Yet another excellent reason that not having congregational candles at the Easter Vigil is bad.

** Baptism cake is an Italian cream cake. I made one for David’s baptism, and once is as good as tradition in my house. So now we make it for all baptisms, baptismal anniversaries and on Easter (in a lamb cake mold+).

*** I always say this and then I always do.

+ Amazon Associate link.

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3 Responses to Holy Week Recapped

  1. melaniebett says:

    I’m kind of jealous of your Tenebrae. I wonder if I could get my folks to go with that. Would it be too crazy?

    Dom took the big girls to Holy Thursday. We all did Good Friday Passion at 3 and it was almost a disaster. Dom spent almost all of it outside with screaming teething Lucy and I was hard pressed to rope in the others. The boys are usually so good at Mass, but they were literally jumping off the pews and climbing on each other. Skipped the Vigil. No way that was happening. And we didn’t get to Sunday morning early enough because of lost shoes (Bella) and a total meltdown (Anthony). So we had to sit halfway back and crushed in a pew with not enough room for us. Lucy had to be taken out at the end of that Mass too. Poor teething baby.

    My hot cross buns weren’t sweet enough for everyone’s tastes, too sour with the sourdough starter and the lemon zest. Though they were deemed acceptable with butter and jam. I let the currants soak too long– stupid British recipe that said to soak overnight–and they fell apart instead of having a gentle chew to them. We jumped the gun a bit and Dom cooked our leg of lamb on the grill Saturday night since we were doing Easter ham dinner with his family on Sunday.

    You lamb cake is adorable. And I agree that the lighting of the Easter fire and the candle lit procession is really the best part of the Vigil for kids.

    • GeekLady says:

      I will email you the PDFs if you would like them. It takes about 45 minutes, what with child- related interruptions. The advantage is that the smallest can just play if they aren’t interested. I give David the choice, but make him stick with it instead of giving up halfway through. He’s very wiggly about it, but the lure of blowing out candles is strong. But it’s definitely more for Mike and I right now and I try not to worry about enforcing participation.

      Don’t fret about the disasters. You’re outnumbered! We’re relatively evenly matched. Even my much beloved Vigil attendance may need re-jiggering if another baby comes along.

      But all our Easter Masses are crowded. There’s even an overflow at 7:30. Just the idea of those kinds of crowds give me hives, and the more people are around him, the worse David’s behavior.

      • melaniebett says:

        I’d love the PDFs!

        Oh boy are we outnumbered! We do pretty well most of the time, but nothing drives it home like a couple of meltdowns in the middle of Mass.

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