Just in case anyone thought I was bragging…

…here is my account of quizzing David on our way to CCE yesterday. He has just told one of the neighbor boys that he can’t stay and play, he has to go to CCE, which is ‘very important.’ All answers were delivered in that immediate, brief, and frank style that all small children have when discussing the obvious.

Me: So why is CCE so important?
David: Because we learn.

Me: What are you learning about?
David: Jesus.

Me: Who is Jesus?
David: God.

Me: And what did Jesus do for us?
David: Saved us.

Me: How?
David: With His cross.

Me: But how did he save us with His cross?
David: He swung it at the bad guys.

It is impossible to render the "duh, Mommy" tone of that last response. Then he declared the conversation over because I was laughing too hard to drive.

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5 Responses to Just in case anyone thought I was bragging…

  1. Monique Reed says:

    Oh, that is priceless.

  2. melaniebett says:

    Well it makes sense. And in a metaphorical sense it’s not totally wrong.

  3. Sr. Peter says:

    I love it. This is why I love children’s liturgy.

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