Saint Joseph’s Altar

The Headcold of Dreadful Doom laid us all low immediately following Spring Break, so I’ve missed some days. My apologies.

In spite of my (rapidly worsening) Headcold of Dreadful Doom, I decided at the very last possible minute (Monday) that we were going to have a Saint Joseph’s Altar this year. So there.

It was a very impromptu affair, but didn’t turn out half bad. (Originally, it was going to be that night’s CCE lesson, but the Headcold of Dreadful Doom kept us all home.)

We have ‘mudica’, and a bottle of cider instead of wine because of all the tylenol, and our (cleaned out but mostly standard) baskets of fruit and veggies, and Saint Joseph’s bread (made from my extremely reliable all purpose roll recipe), cream puffs (from the store), fava beans (just a few dried because I didn’t know what to cook with them. White alstroemeria (none of the lilies in the store were blooming and neither are my irises). My tiers are old shoeboxes, covered by a table cloth badly in need of ironing. There is also one artichoke. I have no idea how to cook it.

Lacking a statue, I painstakingly colored a coloring page of Saint Joseph to put on top, only to realize that I had a little statue of the Holy Family and could use that instead. Yay!

And I made some pasta milanese with wagon wheel pasta (but without the sardines) which went over much better than I expected given that it had a whole tin of anchovies in there. Mine is not a family that is fond of little fishies in food. But anchovies apparently dissolve into pure flavor, when cooked in sauce, which makes them all right.

All in all, I thought the whole business fun. Next year I’ll have to plan on making my own sfinge, or zeppole, or canoli, or pizelle or something. (Also, real wine.)

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