More Anti-Feminist Lunacy

I can’t even dignify this by calling it feminist lunacy, although I know that’s how they perceive it. Erhm, the feminist part, not the lunacy part. They never see the lunacy part. Anyway.

There’s now a campaign to ban the word bossy, because calling little girls bossy supposedly inhibits them from developing leadership skills.

To which idea, I only have two comments.

1. Bossiness is not exclusive to little girls. I have tell GeekBaby to stop being bossy All. The. Time. When he is playing with other kids, “don’t be bossy, son” is practically every other phrase coming out of my mouth. Which leads to my second comment.

2. Being bossy is not a leadership skill. Being bossy is just ordering people to do what you want, and that isn’t leadership no matter who is doing it. If you think being called bossy quashes leadership in little girls, you’ve confused ends and means.

If the desired end is getting people to participate in some activity, you can either do so by leading or by ordering. Leading means you show people how and why the activity is fun/important/necessary. You convince them, in part by visibly doing said activity yourself. Bossing means you make yourself so unpleasantly domineering that people participate just to shut you up. (Or they ignore you.)

Now, it’s undeniable that little kids are bossy little critters. But that’s because they’re learning how to interact within their society. It’s okay if a little kid of either sex* is bossy. As adults, our job is to help them grow proper social skills. (i.e. not being bossy.)

Therefore, rejecting the use of bossy in conjunction with little girls is actually bad for their development of leadership skills. No one should be bossy, but everyone starts out that way and has to grow out of it. By refusing to acknowledge the bossiness of girls, we are actually stunting them.

So, Ban Bossy movement? You can see me in hell.

*gender is for nouns.

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