The End of Galileo

Briefly, because I’m very sleepy.

1. Galileo’s theory was incorrect. He was a proponent of circular orbits, not the elliptical orbits that turned out to be actually correct. Galileo was wrong. Kepler was right. For some reason, no one ever seems to think this is important. But it is.

2. From his writings, Galileo is just like every other scientist with whom I’ve ever worked. That is, utterly convinced not just of the rightness of his hypothesis, but of the utter knavery and incompetence of anyone who disagrees with said hypothesis. You know. An ass.

3. Getting worked up because the pope tells a scientist to actually prove his hypothesis before he makes sweeping claims about the world based on said hypothesis isn’t exactly anything to need a fainting couch over. *redacted*, I’ve had to tell this to people who also ought to know better. That any scientist needs to be told this ever is just sad.

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