The Great Purse Dump

Joining in with Kendra’s Big Purse Dump @ Catholic All Year!

Okay folks, my purse dump is not going to be all that exciting.  I have one main purse.  I don’t tend to alternate them.  And my purse is new – Himself gave me one for Christmas that I love only a little immoderately.  It has 15 pockets.  Therefore my inability to find something in my purse doesn’t mean it isn’t actually in there.  I’ve just forgotten what pocket I put it in.

But I love love love ‘what’s in your bag’ type posts.  So, here’s what’s in mine.


My current purse, a Handbag of Holding.
My current purse, a Handbag of Holding.
And here’s what’s inside:
Purse Dump Itemized


  1. iPad
  2. drawing implements (pencil, brush tipped Pigma Micron, industrial strength fine tipped Sharpie)
  3. pencil sharpener
  4. kneadable eraser (…molded into a stegosaurus?)
  5. writing implements (self defense pen, fountain pen with purple ink)
  6. sketch pad
  7. current daybook
  8. spare blank daybooks (2)
  9. in-progress sock
  10. iPhone
  11. work badge & keys (actual keys not shown because duplicate keys can be made from screen captures according to Mythbusters)
  12. house/car keys (actual keys not shown, see above)
  13. Aquaphor
  14. wallet
  15. handkerchief
  16. menstrual cup (stored in a silicone coin purse)
  17. ibuprofen
  18. migraine zapper
  19. lip balm
  20. emergency dice
  21. Vistana sunglasses (fit over my glasses without looking dumb!)
  22. pocket sized Wet Brush
  23. auxiliary hair elastics
  24. microfiber cloth (for cleaning various lenses)
  25. mirror
  26. flashlight
  27. multitool
  28. Altoids
  29. 4GB USB drive
  30. Jackery lipstick battery (holds over 1 smartphone charge)
  31. earbuds
  32. cables etc. in a mesh bag
  33. water bottle
  34. umbrella
  35. wipes
  36. diapers


Fully loaded.


So there it all is.  Wow I carry a lot of stuff.  But I curate my purse carefully, so there’s nothing really unexpected in here.    Let’s see to the categories…
My Favorite Thing:  I think, just for sheer weirdness, my emergency dice.  Or maybe the in-progress sock.

Wow, I really have a lot of these:  mmm, I try to avoid carrying more than I need to of anything.  I make up for this with sheer variety though.

I’ve been looking for these:  I don’t really lose things in my purse, although I do sometimes forget which pocket I put something in.

Huh, that shouldn’t be in there:  Nope.  Everything should be here.  How about the weirdest item?  Definitely the kneadable eraser molded into a stegosaurus.  I don’t remember doing that.

Most Unique Carried Thing:  menstrual cup.  I went through the whole link up, but I’m the only one who listed one.

Most Disturbing Lack:  I cannot easily make fire.

My apologies, I do not know what is up with the formatting today and it’s giving my CDO fits, so I’m just going to hit publish and walk away.

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6 Responses to The Great Purse Dump

  1. melaniebett says:

    Fun! Glad to see you posting again. I’ve missed you.

  2. I am very intrigued by 16. If I ever have a need for that sort of thing again (I mostly haven’t for twelve years), I am going to look into those.

    Thanks for linking up!

    • GeekLady says:

      It is one of the best things I’ve ever bought. But I didn’t like carrying it in the little drawstring cloth bag it came with, so I found a different container.

      I’ve just realized I didn’t link up properly! I’m sorry, the baby was angry and I was in a hurry to get done. I’ll fix it now.

  3. Mad Auntie Mo says:

    That is the mother ship to end all mother ships. Don’t you have a little escape pod with just wallet, keys, and writing implements for a quick run into the store on a trip sans kids? I do! Of course, *my* mother ship is not as organized as yours. It’s rather like a Tardis–bigger on the inside and full of who knows what. It has an entire pharmacy, scraps of paper with Important Things written on them, an expired Montreal Metro pass, a British pound or two, and a small, angry Norse god of mischief..

    • GeekLady says:

      I almost never go anywhere but work without at least one kid. If I do run to store alone, I might just have my wallet, phone, and daybook/pen. Depends on what’s up.

      I AM deeply prone to the Very Important Scraps of Paper phenomenon, but my daybook is designed to minimize it.

      Also your bag contents are infinitely cooler since you carry Loki around in yours!

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