7 Quick Reasons Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

Yeah, my triumphant return? Not so triumphant. Life has been madness around here. Here are just seven of the reasons why. 

— 1 —

Socializing.  Himself and I both have the problem that we both love people and to be around people, especially in smaller groups instead of overwhelmingly large venues.  But we’re both also highly introverted, and so it also thoroughly exhausts us.  Different people cause different levels of energy drain, but it it’s all draining.

Just for example, Dorian finally dragged us down to her parish’s date night.  Where we also ran into the Baron and Baronness von Korf, causing me extreme cognitive dissonance.  And we had dinner and talked and generally had a good time, even though Raphael positively refused to stay with the baby sitters and I had to maneuver myself through the evening with him strapped to me in a (borrowed) Ergo, and thank heaven I had the foresight to bring it along!

Saturday, we all rather hunkered down in the house with the blinds drawn and didn’t do anything.  I went to the grocery store and made a giant pot of zuppa toscana for dinner.  But that was all.

And that’s what life has been like all the time.  If someone hasn’t been sick, there’s been a social engagement to attend.  And I don’t mind, by and large.  I’m happy to spend time with my friends and family.  But sometimes I feel like I just need 30 minutes a day in a room white walls and soothing music.

— 2 —

Raphael has a tooth!  All you moms know what that has meant.  Biting and drooling and gnawing on various things and oh, the crying.  (And night nursing/biting!)  He’s been trending generally unhappy and clingy, and he’s now big enough to grab at any electronics foolishly placed within his slimy grasp.

The OtterBox has saved my phone from several drops, but I’m not sure it’s up to a teething baby.

…And I got through 2 whole takes before Rafe started screaming bloody murder and I had to go try and figure out what he wanted.  2 diapers, 4 fruitless attempts to play, 3 nursing sessions, and 1 bitten boob later, we all collapsed into a dogpile on the bed and went to sleep for a couple hours.    And now I’m back.  At this rate, I’ll have these posted, um, Monday afternoon.

— 3 —

Work.  We’re going to skip over the story there and just say, I’m still working.  And homeschooling.  Yeah.  It’s actually working better than one might think, meaning things haven’t quite collapsed into complete and utter chaos.  They came close, that month everyone got sick like dominos, but we’ve since clawed our way back from the brink.

— 4 —

Homeschooling.  And we don’t spend nearly the amount of time on this as I expected, but we’ve reached an equilibrium where he’s learning and we don’t want to kill each other.  So I’m going to call it a win.

And hey, spending large amounts of time with any nerd is like learning via osmosis.  You simply can’t help it, you learn in self defense.

Sadly, David’s best subjects are math and sarcasm.

— 5 —

He hasn’t learned to read yet, though.  I can’t force him, and I refuse to panic, even if, at his age, I was reading the first six Oz books by myself.

Hmm, not a lot here.  Yes, fretting about my child’s refusal to learn to read does prevent me from blogging.

— 6 —

Messy house.  Ever since we all got sick between mid September and mid October, the house has looked like a bomb of dirty dishes, laundry, school work, diapers, and et cetera has gone off inside it.  I haven’t been able to muster the consecutive time and energy to give it a good butt kicking in the cleaning department, but it had also gotten to levels where I couldn’t just ignore it.  Ignore it without side effects, anyway.  I was ignoring it, but knowing it was that messy was stressing me out.

It is now cleaner, if not strictly immaculate.  It would normally be clean enough to ignore the mess without symptoms, except I’m having a reaction to it having gotten so messy, and now even a little, relatively normal mess is stressing me out.

— 7 —

Woo, I made it!  And I saved the best for last!  The final thing keeping me from my blog is…


I mentioned briefly that I was knitting A Cardigan For Arwen as my maternity knitting project, being as even I don’t bounce back from a c-section fast enough to resume my usual frenetic activity immediately.  So I sat and knit in the last two weeks I was pregnant, and I knit and nursed at home, and by the 4th of July, I had a very nice sweater that I could model for approximately 3 seconds before passing out from the combination of July heat and a wool cardigan.

Anyway, my mom tried it on when I brought it over to show here, and dang it if it doesn’t look better on her than it did on me.  So I decided to knit one for her for Christmas.  I started at the beginning of October and I’m now officially two weeks behind.  I do have three weeks of buffer built in to getting the sweater knit (knat?), washed, and blocked by Christmas, but I do have a variety of other knitting projects I’d like to knock out between now and Christmas as well, and I can’t do any of them unless I’m ahead of schedule on the sweater, and I can’t get ahead of schedule on the sweater with a baby grabbing my yarn during the day.  Sigh.

At least I can knit on the bus.  The two days a week I bus to work, I get a whole day’s worth of knitting done.  Sometimes more than a day’s worth..

Anyway, I just plopped the baby on the floor from my lap so I could finish these last two paragraphs and he’s screaming bloody murder, so I’m going to run.  Visit Jen for more Quick Takes!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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4 Responses to 7 Quick Reasons Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

  1. kmantoan says:

    “Math and sarcasm” HA!
    I feel like that’s my day in a nutshell when it comes to my oldest and I.
    And try not to stress on the reading too much. My oldest taught herself to read by four and a half. My second took a lot longer, like seven or eight, (it was just hard for him) but now he’s reading fine. And then there’s my third who just doesn’t. want. to.read. It’s the most annoying thing ever. (For her it’s more “reading and sarcasm”.) But it will come in time.

    • GeekLady says:

      He’s frighteningly good at both, really.

      What I’m especially finding on this homeschooling experiment that different types of education philosophies seem to work at different stages of development and for different subjects. We can happily sit down and spend an hour on math, but the less I interfere with reading the better it seems to go. At the moment, keeping phonics to 5 minute chunks and in conjunction with writing practice seems to be working.

  2. Foxfier says:

    Math and sarcasm– that’s almost MEAT and sarcasm! And you could do worse than be like Sokka. (other than the “you will have lots of problems, most of them self-inflicted” part, and he is basically a scientist in a kung-fu-magic world!)

    Much empathy on the crying baby thing. I’m lucky to get two posts a month done, and that only because I PROMISED!

  3. nancyo says:

    I’m impressed that you do as much as you are doing! I’m hoping to get a few small quilting projects done by Christmas and would love to put together some gift photo books. We’ll see if I get any of it accomplished.

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