(Semi) Triumphal Return

We are finally emerging from beneath the cloud of sick that’s been hovering over our house since the *redacted* week after Labor Day. That’s right, a whole month of fevers and sneezing and sore throats, bouncing around between us like some sort of demonic viral Super Ball(tm).

Which is a pity, because a whole bunch of things happened that I wanted to write about and couldn’t, either because I was huddled in my bed busy being miserable, or because I was comforting various other people huddled in bed being miserable. Also my house looks like a bomb of dirty Kleenex, dishes, laundry, and toys exploded in it, hiding all locations conducive to writing.

I heard there were a couple of interviews. Stay tuned tomorrow for some hot thoughts, especially on the second one.

ANYWAY. We’re back on track now. Or at least getting back on track. It may take a few more weeks to unearth my desk, which is where I would like to be writing

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One Response to (Semi) Triumphal Return

  1. Melanie B says:

    Boo for the sickness, but yay for you being back.

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