7 Quick Takes – Revenge of Misc. Edition

— 1 —

It’s been a rough couple of weeks here in the Geek House.  Himself was sick.  Then we had a sort of mucous-y lull.  Then both boys got sick in rapid succession, Raphael on Monday through Wednesday.  David on Wednesday ongoing.  I know I’m next, but I keep trying to fool myself into not being next.

Needless to say, I haven’t worked out since I posted about my workout routine.  It’s been that crazy around here.  But overall I’m probably better off sleeping in, instead of getting up and pushing myself.

— 2 —

I do need to get back into that workout routine as soon as I can.  Not for vanity’s sake, either.  My dad is planning on retiring next summer, and that means the hour of reckoning is upon me.  We’re hiking the Narrows.

The Narrows is a 16 mile hike, upriver through a slot canyon.  In the water.  When I was twelve, we visited Zion National Park and we did some short hike (the specific trail is lost to the mists of time), up to the beginning of the river walk portion of the Narrows.  And I begged my dad to do the river walk section of the hike with me.  It looked like an adventure, and I was game, but I was two inches too short and we weren’t prepared for an overnight hike upriver through the water.  Dad said we could do it when he retired.

He reminded me of this pact when he found out about my workout routine.  So the clock is ticking, and The Hike will probably either occur next summer or the summer after.

— 3 —

So the Sunday Himself was in the Valley providing tech support for his parents, I dropped one of my diamond earrings down the drain!

Like hell am I going to lose one of a pair of free diamond earrings down a stupid sink drain.  I yanked the stopper out and put it back in upside down, to remind myself not to run any water in that sink.  Then I took the boys to Mass and plotted various earring retrieval methods on the drive.  Magnets and hooks were no good, the earring is a sterling silver stud.  I settled on rigging a lung powered suction device with a trap from some tubing, an old tupperware, and some caulk.  But when I went to Ace for tubing, the extremely helpful young man there said that while the suction-trap was a good idea, the drain pipe was not a closed system and so I probably wouldn’t be able to build enough pressure to pull the earring up.  He recommended just taking off the J-bend beneath the sink!

I had actually considered doing that first, but decided against any plumbing intervention since Himself was out of town and I didn’t want to stress him out by telling him I did some amateur plumbing in the master bathroom while he was away.  But then the helpful guy at Ace took me back to where they keep new J-bends and showed me just how easy it was.  Unscrew the cap at each end of the J-bend, pull it down and empty the water into a bucket.  All you need is a pair of tongue-and-groove pliers (which I borrowed from my dad).

So I went ahead and did it and retrieved my earring, and it took me more time to empty and refill the cabinet beneath the sink than to get the J-bend off and back on.

Never again will I fear losing jewelry down the drain.  This is one of those things that ought to be on Heinlein’s List for the Competent Man.

— 4 —

I was sitting on the floor simultaneously playing Carcassone with David and discussing the day’s events, large and small, with Himself, when David asked what ‘bread and circuses’ meant.  And I had an answer that he could understand, thanks to the Justice League cartoon “War World”.

— 5 —

Death has been especially on David’s mind lately.  He was talking with Himself about death and what happens to us afterwards earlier this week.  Himself did what I think was an excellent job explaining what we believe.  David’s response, however, was both weird and hysterical.  After being told that we hope to be with God in heaven, he replied.

“Oh.  …  I was hoping when they put me in the ground that I could be a mole.”

— 6 —

Is it just me, or have journalists displayed a distressing fundamental lack of reading comprehension this week?  I’m so terribly tired of a headline saying the exact opposite of what the source actually says (ironically enough a common occurrence in both scientific AND religious reporting!) that it’s difficult to take journalism seriously these days.  And that’s a problem, because it just encourages me to treat journalists with contempt.

I am extremely intelligent.  And it’s hard not to react with impatience and contempt whenever someone isn’t as quick.  This is one of my bigger stumbling blocks – see my rant on the infant acetaminophen dosage change.  I’ll be honest, I cannot ever imagine myself mixing up concentrated infant drops and their dosage with a diluter liquid suspension and it’s dose.  It takes some serious imaginative effort for me to see anyone doing it.  I managed to restrict my ranting there to the stupidity of standardizing the liquid acetaminophen suspension on the diluter of the two concentrations, but that certainly wasn’t my first impulse.

So that’s why I find the news so frustrating these days.  I’m afraid at the moment I’m doing well just to attribute it to stupidity instead of outright malicious deception.

— 7 —

Yesterday I experimented with mind mapping.  This is what came out:

If my thoughts get dark, the grue will get me.

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7 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Revenge of Misc. Edition

  1. Mad Auntie Mo says:

    My mind map looks like the reference section in an ancient library–dim, full of drawers and slips of paper and dusty indices bound in cracked leather…

  2. Megan says:

    Raphael is turning into a chunk. I love it.

    Also, my husband is literally applauding your mind-map.

    • GeekLady says:

      He is a chunk. He’s enormous (16lbs) and long (27″). Most of that is torso. Maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t had a daughter. It seems wrong to inflict a long torsoed existence on her in a world with already insufficient women’s fashion.

      • Megan says:

        OH I KNOW. My hypothetical daughters are totally doomed. Scott and I are both long-waisted and last we checked our son was 90th percentile overall in size but with 45th percentile thighbones.

        (Me, thinking: “What a funny coincidence that he’s stubby legged like the rest of us!…Oh, wait, that’s biology.” I am having a surprisingly hard time breaking out of the adoptive family paradigm…) (Both of my adopted siblings have long torsos and stubby legs too.)

        • GeekLady says:

          I keep wanting to KickStart Big Barda’s Ladieswear, but DC will never let me have that license. *sigh*

          I’ve actually taken to wearing those rucheed sided jersey knit maternity shirts all the time. They’re longer than most women’s shirts, so they actually FIT, and the ruching helps define my waist.

  3. melaniebett says:

    The Narrows! Cool! We hiked part of that when I was maybe 16 or 17. I remember water as high as my groin. That was a seriously formative part of my adolescence. I even wrote a poem about it.

    I love your mind map. I was laughing out loud.

  4. Foxfier says:

    Unscrew the cap at each end of the J-bend, pull it down and empty the water into a bucket. All you need is a pair of tongue-and-groove pliers (which I borrowed from my dad).

    Unless you’re in a rental place that sends out nastygrams about keeping the lawn green, then has the owner show up in a fit because you’ve been using too much water…the poor man is now having fits because the kitchen sink rusted through, and then (getting to the point) middle child put a battery down the sink, and I went to open up the J-bend…. it wasn’t connected.

    it had rusted through. Utterly.

    So that is why the funny smell…..

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