Workout Musings

So I mentioned in the last quick takes that I’ve started working out in the mornings.  This is because the postpartum weight loss went swimmingly for about 22 pounds… then I gained 8 back because, hey, I could eat food again without wanting to die from heartburn and nausea.

And so, not wanting to add another permanent twenty pounds, I’ve taken to working out.

I’ve worked six mornings in a row now, which is definitely the longest I’ve ever stuck to a fitness program.  I don’t take on many of them, since I consider myself to be generally quite active on my own accord and not to need one.  But just resuming my normal active nature hasn’t done as much and is more tiring than I anticipated.  Himself is doing it with me, and is the only reason I haul my lumpy rear out of bed at 5:30ish every morning.

Each morning, one of us jogs/walks and the other stays home and does a kettlebell workout.  The next day we switch.  Sundays are days of rest.  I’m alternating days of a 20 minute walks at ~60% maximum heart rate, which is supposed to burn mostly fat and this kettlebell workout that Hallie Lord linked a few months ago.  I’m making about 1.25 miles in 20 minutes right now (I’ve always been a relentless walker on a flat) and I’m not really likely to see much improvement there.  But I’ve improved dramatically in the strength routine already.

I tried the kettlebell workout with a 10# weight when she first linked it, but then got derailed by preparations for David’s birthday party.  When I first tried it, I could only manage one set of the exercises with minimum repeats and I had to stop halfway through and rest.  And I wasn’t doing the windmill with the weight, only practicing the form.  Then there was a month gap during which we had a birthday party, a trip to visit the inlaws, and I went back to work.  But when I picked it up again, I didn’t need to rest halfway through.  Next week I’m going to switch up to maximum reps for each exercise and keep it to one set.  If all is going well the week after, I’ll drop down to minimum repeats, but do two sets with a short rest between.  I’m hoping to be able to move up to a 15# weight by the holiday season.

Some things I’ve noticed:

  1. I am ravenous during the day.  I thought I was losing my mind, but I mentioned it to a labmate and he said he goes through the same thing whenever he starts a fitness regime.
  2. I’m more awake during the day too.  I got very used to taking a nap in the middle of the day with both boys, and was having horrible fits of daytime sleepiness back at work.  Those went away immediately when I started working out.
  3. I’m sleeping more soundly at night (when Raphael permits).

I haven’t weighed myself since I started working out (we don’t own a scale).  I’ll probably weigh myself on Monday at my parent’s when I drop off the boys in the morning.  But for record keeping purposes:

Last Sunday I weighed 216.  Prepregnancy weight was 200.  Maximum pregnancy weight was about 230.  I’m 5’8″.  I don’t especially care about numbers, but I would like to fit back in my prepregnancy pants.  I routinely weigh about 20# more than an observer guesses – there is a lot of muscle on my frame.  I want to avoid adding more muscle – I already cannot find blouses that can accommodate my shoulders and biceps.

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