7 Quick Takes – Sleepy Diapers Edition

— 1 —

Last Friday I read Jen’s post and went “there’s a TEMPLATE???” That’s so awesome!!!  Then I promptly forgot about it until today.   When I remembered.

Anyway, I’m determined to be early in the lineup this week since I have to stay up anyway to wait for the diapers to finish washing so I can throw them in the drier and there will be clean, dry diapers for tomorrow.

I’m so sleepy.  It’s been a long week.  Please excuse any typos, I’ll be too tired to hunt them down with my usual relentless, Terminatoresque precision.

Dagnabbit, the washer just finished.  I’m gonna finish these anyway.

— 2 —

Because I’m a crazy lady, I came home from work and after a brief respite, whipped up a batch of kaiser rolls and set them to rise, and a batch of chocolate chip cookies and set them to chill before baking.  And then I ran a couple grocery errands.  Tomorrow the homeschool group is having a birthday party for the Blessed Virgin tomorrow.  It’s Mass at 8:30, then, as far as I can tell, kids running riot in the nearby park.

We’re going, in spite of my desire to crawl into a hole and sleep/not move a muscle, because it’s pretty much the only social event on the calendar in the near future, and I’d like to meet some moms and David would like to meet some kids.

But it’s a picnic.  So we have to pack lunch.  Normally that wouldn’t intimidate me, but as I said, it’s been a long week at work.  I finally settled on turkey and havarti on kaiser rolls (with lettuce and tomato for me), fruit with lemon honey yogurt dip, potato chips (two kinds, a rare treat!) and chocolate chip cookies.  But the available fruit was pathetic.  Fruit in Texas in September is apparently awful.  So I settled on some red grapes and scrapped the lemon honey yogurt dip idea,  Sigh.  I was looking forward to experimenting.  Instead I’ll pack some baby carrots, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, and some greek yogurt ranch dip.

…Eh.  It makes David happy.  He loves full fledged picnics, with the blanket and the basket and everything.

— 3 —

I have yogurt that needs to be used up, in case that wasn’t clear.  Maybe I’ll make muffins tomorrow for breakfast.

— 4 —

Monday I started working out.  Himself and I are alternating days of running/walking and kettlebell workout, that way someone is always home with the littles, but we’re nominally working out together, encouraging each other, keeping each other accountable, etc.

I’ve been at it 4 days in a row which is the longest consecutive workout I have done ever.  My vastus medialis feel like they’re plotting my murder.  I hate squats.  Apparently so do they.

— 5 —

This is just about the most adorable thing (excepting the boys) I’ve seen all week.

Cookie Monster and Loki!  Hee!

— 6 —

So my new breast pump?  Worked twice.  *sigh*  Lansinoh is overnighting me a new one – they do have excellent customer service – but the whole experience is distressing.  I’ve never had trouble pumping enough before, but I just can’t seem to produce enough during a work day to keep the kid fed and happy.  Even when I can send him off with 15 ounces, it’s not enough.  Pumps just don’t seem to have the strength they did 5 years ago.

— 7 —

I had a Cobb salad at Panera for lunch on my birthday.  It was my first experience with a blue cheese, and I found I liked it.  So naturally, the thing to do is recreate the salad (or improve it!) at home.  To that end, I bought a chunk of Satori’s Gorgonzola.

…I told David it was Zombie Cheese.  (It looks zombie-ish!)  He got really excited, but still refused to try any.  I’m going to keep trying.  Maybe I can get him to in a receptive mood.

It lists Penicillin roqueforti as an ingredient.  This makes it possibly the nerdiest thing I’ve ever intended to eat.

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13 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Sleepy Diapers Edition

  1. Ha! I really like your style. And the picnic idea.

    Happy birthday. I enjoyed your 7QT 🙂

  2. Foxfier says:

    Try having an alcoholic beverage or two at night. I don’t know why, but it works quite well for milk production the next day.
    (Discovered on accident when I ended up not having a drop for a week– and my production suddenly dropped. Have since the tried in a couple of times, and it’s pretty consistent.)
    Mom says that new mothers were traditionally urge to have at least a beer a day to help with milk production, so it’s not totally off the wall. (Theories I’ve seen link it to hops- but I don’t usually drink beer.)

    • Melanie B says:

      My mom was told to drink beer when she was nursing me. Specifically dark beer. I’ve also heard oatmeal is good for increasing milk production.

    • GeekLady says:

      well, bear in mind, we’re talking a drop along the lines of from almost a quart to about a pint. A big drop, but still usually sufficient quantities. I could probably even make do with a hand pump at work, but I’d have to pump twice as much and it would take forever.

      The replacement unit arrived while we were at the park yesterday, and it seems like it works just fine. Also, the noise is subtly different, so I have high hopes the first was just a bad unit.

    • GeekLady says:

      Okay, now that I think about it, my copious supply is maybe attributable to my love of beer.

      I don’t know if it’s hops though. It’s probably just that beer is, overall, pretty healthy. A better source for your nursing calories than a couple of chocolate chip cookies.

  3. Foxfier says:

    Video didn’t show.


    Husband says: “that’s awesome.”

  4. Melanie B says:

    I have tried and tried but I cannot like blue cheese. But Bella seems to like it. So we’ve finally found one dressing she will eat.

    • GeekLady says:

      I had never tried it before. For all my love of cooking, I’m a rather picky eater. Historically, I’m a terribly picky eater.
      David is not especially picky, wonder of wonders. I don’t know why, since both Mike and I were as kids.

  5. Kathleen says:

    I love #7. That’s the second reference to Cobb salad I’ve seen today. I think I know what I’m making myself for lunches…

    I love that video, too. 🙂

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