7 Quick Takes

1.  We got a free Nest from our electric company.  We named him Calcifer.  It was just the right thing to do in this house of Miyazaki fans.

We’ve had it installed for about two weeks, and I have rather mixed feelings about it.  On one hand, it was free, and it’s an extremely neat and useful bit of technology.  But because our house has one thermostat and it’s upstairs, we had to disable the auto-away function.  We aren’t always upstairs, especially since the workroom isn’t ready to accommodate school time yet, and so it kept turning the AC off when we were still in the house.  Then it’d be in the mid 80s in here before I wondered why I felt like I was going to faint and turned the AC back down.

I’m wondering whether we can hang a second Nest on the wall downstairs, just for its activity and temperature sensor abilities without needing to set it up as an actual thermostat.  Two Nests on the same network are supposed to share activity data.  But it’s a rather expensive fix.

If we do get a second Nest, we’ll name that one Sophie.  Because she’ll be telling Calcifer what to do and “not just anyone can do that.”

2.  So yesterday I was down in the lactation room at work.  And my pump just up and died mid milking!  I guess it was only to be expected, the pump was 5 years old and it worked hard over the course of its days.  But it was a disaster all the same.  I actually had to go home early, before I busted a leak and horrified my male coworkers.  Also to avoid the sensation I was being petrified bosom first.

I bought new pump on my way home.  I settled on the new Lansinoh double electric, because 1) I had been very happy with the old Lansinoh double electric that was a rebrand of the Ameda, and 2) it was on sale at Target.  It is noisier than the Medalas I’ve heard in the lactation room, but it’s also extremely comfortable (more so than my old one) and you can’t beat the price.  Also it’s smaller.

3.  There was a home school group parent meet & greet on my birthday, and I innocently dragged Himself along with me thinking that it wouldn’t last too long and it sounded like a general social occasion, not a ladies specific thing.  Poor man, he and Raphael were the only Y chromosomes in the room.  And it lasted 3 hours.  David was asleep by the time we got home and so I didn’t get my birthday cake or birthday whiskey until Thursday.

4.  Birthday whiskey!

Himself really delivered!  This was better whiskey than I expected, I was only expecting a bottle of Jack.

5.  We’re settling slowly into our homeschooling year here.  Rather than quitting, preliminary arrangements have been made for me to work two 10 hour days a week instead of two 8 hour days and one 4 hour day.  This won’t be that great of an adjustment, as I routinely either spent extra hours in a week or worked extra from home as necessary.  Mom will watch the boys one of those days, the other day will usually be Saturday.  That gives me four days in the week for lessons.  Maybe not a permanent solution, but we’ll give it a shot through Christmas, I think.

So far we’re working on vowel sounds long and short, reading numbers (through the 100s), and following verbal and visual instructions.  My dad commented he’s never seen a child with such a large vocabulary who didn’t recognize his numbers.  But David knows the individual digits 0-9 just fine.  He’s just a stubborn little cuss and won’t always perform upon request.

6.  David is running around now wearing his superhero cape from his birthday party.  I made a bunch of cotton capes for the party favors, but this is the first time I’ve seen him spontaneously play with it.  Watching him play with it now gives me a nice warm fuzzy appreciated sort of feeling.

…now he’s turned the cape around an is using it as an apron.  *melt*

7.  Look at what David made me for my birthday!  He got the idea from Caillou and executed it with only a little help from my mom (she drew the flower outlines on construction paper for him to cut out and helped assemble the butterfly).  The vase is an old Gerber puffs container.

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6 Responses to 7 Quick Takes

  1. Mad Auntie Mo says:

    Awww…Presents made by kids are the BEST!

  2. Melanie B says:

    I love our Nest, but we only have one level. My favorite thing is being able to control it from my cell phone. No more freezing or broiling while stuck under a nursing baby. And I can adjust the temp without having to get out of bed.

    I love David’s flowers. And Jameson. That’s a great gift.

    • GeekLady says:

      We’ll see how it goes with the AutoAway disabled. The downside is we have to remember to turn it up when we leave, but at least we can do that from anywhere now.

      Oh, remember our discussion about Les Miserables over on your blog? My brother gave me one of the nice Penguin Classics for my birthday. So I have to read it now, and I’m thinking I’ll blog it.

  3. RAnn says:

    Sounds like you are going to be very busy

    • GeekLady says:

      I will, but hopefully the ten hour days will give way to some other things over the course of the year. And there are some serious advantages to two ten hour days, not the least of which is that it cuts my commute time down by a third. And the commute is what especially kills me, for three days a week in the lab I spend 9-12 hours a week on the commute.

  4. Foxfier says:

    I have never heard of a “nest”… but I figured out what it was from the names. Awesome.

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