5 Feminine Favorites

Warning! While I’m not traditionally girly, while I even have a pronounced tendency to think like a guy (it is absolutely about the nail), I am still a girl. Therefore, male readers, you have been warned: this post is girl talk. If you’re squicked out by girl talk, you should probably stop reading now. Because in addition to being a girl, I’m also a geek and a scientist. And all three are heavily on display here today.

Nuts, gentlemen, out of charity, I’ll even rank them from least to most embarrassing, that way, if you insist on reading, you can stop before you’re traumatized.

1. My new Remington Lady’s Wet/Dry Shaver.

I hate shaving my legs. Hate it so much I can’t describe it. These days it’s just one of those hygiene things women are expected to do… but it’s a huge hassle for me. I’m legally blind without my glasses, therefore I can’t shave in the shower – I just can’t see what I’m doing. I have the choice of taking extra time twice a week which I don’t really have to run a bath and do a whole irritating (literally!) shaving routine… or just wearing blue jeans year round.

Normally, I choose blue jeans, for a variety of reasons. But then I suddenly needed to go to a funeral Tuesday. Going to a funeral meant wearing a skirt. Wearing a skirt meant shaving. And shaving (in a hurry) meant I ended up with unpleasantly patchy results because I couldn’t see where I was going. And that resulted in my throwing down my razor in disgust and making a trip to Target where bought the first lady’s electric shaver available.

It’s pretty much the best electric shaver I’ve ever used (I’ve owned several). It hasn’t left any razor burn. It gives a remarkably close shave, something electric shavers are not known for. And it’s so fast. The reviews are bizarrely negative… even diametrically opposed to my experience. It’s like they’re reviewing a completely different product. If I’d read them before buying, I would never have bought it… but I’m very glad I didn’t, because it really is great.

Now I can move from wearing jeans year round to Calah’s problem of how sinful should my shorts be!

2. The bag I use for my breast pump.

Waaaay back, when I went back to work after David, I got a Lansinoh double electric pump. It was simultaneously the best pump on the market at the time and the cheapest. Yay! But it didn’t come with a carry bag, and thus I was left to my own devices.

I settled on a sophisticated little soft sided black train case from The Container Store, sadly no longer available. It’s really amazing, though, what I can pack in there! It has a slim top compartment with a mirror, apparently intended for carrying 20 tubes of lipstick, but where I keep spare breast milk storage bags. They can’t get crumpled or accidentally get holes poked in them there. The deep main compartment holds the pump body, flanges, and AC adapter, and there’s still room to fit a little cooler back that holds four 6 oz. collection bottles. There’s an interior pocket to stash the tubing and a zippered compartment in the lid where I keep the diaphragms and valves so they don’t get torn in the main compartment. There’s also a flap that is supposed to hold makeup brushes, but I use it to store a sharpie for labeling bottles with the date, volume, and my name and phone #. And all of this packs up, only a little snuggly, into a 5″x10″x8″ chic rectangular case. It’s the ideal solution for traveling light with a breast pump.

And when I’m not nursing, I have a cute toiletries bag! Dual purpose solution for the win!

3. Creighton Fertility Care NFP.

(Gentleman, this is your last warning. If cervical mucus only rates a 3 out of 5 for potential embarrassment today, the last two are a doozy.)

Since my OB is a NaProTechnology physician, she was able to put me in contact with a local Creighton NFP practitioner. So now I have charts and stamps again and am getting back into the swing of charting. I haven’t really charted in years and years, and I forgot how interesting it is! I ran out of paper charts after I’d been married a year, and while I made a noble effort to keep charting via an Excel spreadsheet, eventually I gave it up and kept it all in my head. In my opinion, the worst part about Creighton is the paucity of practitioners and information on how to find a practitioner.

But I have one now, and am slowly working my way back into proper Creighton observation technique. And it really is a blast. I love it. This is easily my favorite modern scientific interest. I originally taught myself from the original Billings papers because there was a lot of negative stigma about unmarried women learning to chart. That’s unfortunate, in my opinion. It’s an incredibly potent diagnostic tool. And so I’m diving into charting with new zeal. I had forgotten just how much fun it is to collect long term data like this. Which leads me to Favorite #4…

4. Menstrual cups.

I don’t even remember how I found out about these, but menstrual cups are another thing that ought to be more widely known about. In short, they’re medical grade silicone cups that are inserted into the vagina to collect your menstrual flow. When it’s full, remove it, empty it into the toilet ,and reinsert it. This sounds horrifyingly gory, and there is a learning curve, but after that it is surprisingly not at all messy. They’re reasonably comfortable (much more than tampons), can’t cause toxic shock (because they aren’t absorbent), can be sterilized by boiling (unlike tampons and sanitary napkins which are not sterile although they like to give you the impression that they are), and last for about ten years. You can’t use them postpartum, but that’s their only downside in my opinion.

So there’s lots of great things about the menstrual cup. But my absolute favorite thing is that mine has volume markings on the side. I can actually quantify my heavy, medium, light, and very light days for my chart! For an obsessive data collecter, this is a dream.

Using one does interfere mildly with charting, though. You’re supposed to make normal observations on light and very light days, but you can’t make any observation when you’re using a menstrual cup. Thus, I usually stop using mine after the first light (<10mL) day.  This works pretty well, but it is nonstandard and thus would probably give my Creighton practitioner fits if she knew.

I bet you’re all wondering how #5 could be worse than this. I give you…

5. Welcome to the Flock.


…let’s just say there’s a comment on Yarn Harlot’s FDA warning styled post that proved disturbingly accurate.

This sweater and hat set are unbearably, twingingly adorable. But my OB told me she didn’t want to see me back for 18 months, so I called my sister and told her to have another baby, because I need to knit these.

For more 5 Favorites, visit Hallie @ The Moxie Wife

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  1. Ok so I am now on the down swing of charting. After 4.5 years of actually charting I’ve kind of gone Screw it. So now I have lined paper and I write it all down in my pad and go Hum… Not yet, ok, I’m not sure, Oh whatever. I love CCL because it gives me more data points. I’ve thought about learning Creighton, and/or Marquette (so I can use the clear blue ovulation monitor) so I can get even more accurate data. (Yeah we’re nerds).

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