Five Favorites

The dishwasher is running, the baby is quiet, the David is in bed, there are blueberry muffins in the oven for breakfast tomorrow, the kitchen is (while not clean) under control…  Time for some blogging!

But just Five Favorites, because I’m too tired for anything else.  I don’t know what it is, but I’m bone weary at the end of a day that includes the lab, even if it’s only a half day like today.

1.  Look at these men?  Aren’t they just the handsomest?

2.  David is quite handsome too, but he’s highly resistant to having the fact documented.

Yes, that is a pretend gun made from an empty paper towel tube shoved in a (probably dirty) sock.  I’m not gonna get worked up.  At least it isn’t a flame thrower.

3.  Ah, here they’re both being sweet.

Or David is photobombing the baby.  I can’t remember.

4.  My new iPhone.  At the beginning of July, I got an iPhone – my first ever smartphone.  While I wanted one, I could never quite justify the cost until now.  Then this summer a conglomeration of events happened that made it possible.

First, AT&T had a sale, which I found out about entirely by accident.  In June, all smartphones under $200 were 50% off.  Including the iPhone.  That puts the initial outlay of money to just $100.  Second, mobile data prices are finally starting to approach reasonable costs.  Texting remains outrageously expensive, but it turned out that Himself and I could share a gig of data for about $15 up on our current bill.

And then I left my then-phone in the diaper bag.  Himself left the diaper bag in the car.  And then he went to work (he drove airport shuttles over the summer).  A night shift, which theoretically ended at 1am.  When I woke up at 2:30am and he wasn’t home yet, I was terrified, and that’s when I discovered he hadn’t brought the diaper bag inside.

So I got an iPhone.  Himself says it’s the only way to be sure I always know where my phone is and always have it charged.  And he’s right.  I still miss the occasional phone call, but that’s because AT&T has this mysterious thing where my phone never rings and later says I missed a call.  That isn’t my fault.

Those three photos above?  Took ’em with the phone.  It’s an amazingly good camera packed in there.

I have a few things I don’t actually love about it.  But only a few.

5.  These shoes.  Naya Women’s Olympia Loafer* in Hot Mustard

I don’t normally get all girly and talk about shoes, but I sprained my ankle last summer pretty badly while hiking and can’t handle the heels anymore.  So I’m in the middle of transitioning all my shoes to less than a 1.5″ heel, and I needed some ballet flat.  And I got them for $22.

So yes, even I am delighted by a good shoe bargain.

Visit Hallie @ The Moxie Wife for more


* Amazon Associates link

…blast it, I forgot to put streusel topping on my muffins.

Bonus Favorite:  WordPress’s Proofreader.  Like all proofreaders, frequently takes issue with things that were alright they way they were, but also catches all my spelling errors.  And apparently I have major passive voice issues.

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2 Responses to Five Favorites

  1. Hannah says:

    Nice flats are the best! And careful – iPhones are soooooo addictive! For instance, I am typing this on mine. 😉

    • GeekLady says:

      Oh, I know. I’m trying to keep it under control with a fairly strict “tools only” policy, avoiding games and educational apps, although I have installed Carcassone.

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