7 Quick Takes – Maternity Leave Edition

1.  Tomorrow, my maternity leave is over.  And I really ought to be in bed by 11.  So I have 15 minutes to write a (late) Quick Takes, because my maternity leave is over and I need to stop slacking off now.

2.  The Hatch pepper festival is going on this week.  I made copy cat Chuy’s Chicka Chicka Boom Boom enchiladas on Thursday for the roleplaying group, then went right back to the store on Friday and bought six pounds of fresh Hatch peppers for Mike to roast and me to freeze in enchilada sauce sized packets.  We were out of town Saturday and then it rained most of the afternoon Sunday, so they’re still lying spread out (unroasted) on the table next to me so they won’t go all moldy before we can get them cooked.

I’m not doing six pounds of peppers one by one over the burner.  That is a guaranteed disaster in the making.

3.  I have also conquered the boogeyman that is mexican rice!  And it’s stupidly easy!  I’ve been working on learning to make good, restaurant quality mexican rice and after ten+ years, I’ve mastered it.  My last attempt, which was decent, centered on tossing in some of our fresh pico/salsa into the rice to cook with the chicken stock.  That was okay, and I’d frozen a bunch for future batches of rice.  But then I apparently had thrown those out (???) and didn’t have time (or enough dishes) to make more pico, so I used jarred salsa instead.  And oh man, it was good.  Walkthrough coming soon.

4.  I’m going back to work just for six or seven weeks, till the end of September.  It finishes out my ten years (!!!) in the lab, and it lets me tidy up loose ends that didn’t get tidied before I had Raphael all of a sudden.  Then I’ll be staying home with the boys.  I missed David a lot when I went back to work, and it turns out I can’t quite face missing both of them at once.  Even when David is hell bent on driving me completely bonkers.

5.  And since David is also due to start kindergarten this year, we’re starting to homeschool him this year too.  My kindergarten goals are very simple:  he has to learn to read and write, we have to make a decent beginning on conversational Spanish (since I don’t speak it either), and he has to memorize his address, several important phone numbers, and basic prayers/Mass parts.

Texas requires civics to be taught as well, but I consider that subject to have been accidentally completed over the summer when he memorized the constitutional preamble.

6.  Speaking of memorization, the kid is a memorizing fiend.  I’m going to have to write out everything for him in order to teach him to read.  He memorized Library Lion in only three readings and I woke up one morning at 6:30am with him sitting on the floor next to my bed reciting it.  The kid is scary.

7.  One more take….


I finally watched the Avengers.  It was pretty good.  The Hulk was great, stole every scene, even when he was Bruce Banner.  Between that and all the Justice League I’ve been watching, I have a theory on why some superhero movies/comics flop and others don’t.  But it’ll have to wait for another time.

8 minutes past my deadline.  Drat.  Goodnight.


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12 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Maternity Leave Edition

  1. Baron Korf says:

    Congrats on the only going to work through sept. I figured that was what was going to end up happening now that you have 2 and geekboy (he’s not a baby anymore) is going to kindergarten. Sad face we didn’t get together to make bread but their is always next time. Good luck on reading.

    • GeekLady says:

      I’m so sorry I canceled on the bread adventure, I was just so tired and couldn’t face the drive. It’s a good thing too, cause Rafe was a fussbudget that morning.

      I have deeply mixed feelings about staying at home, but at the same time feel it will give me more scope to exercise my abilities. Lab management and home management are essentially the same thing, only there’s more risk of death & dismemberment at the lab.

      And at home I’ll be in charge of operations instead of trying to manage them from the bottom.

  2. Foxfier says:

    Try Batman Beyond if you haven’t finished it yet, after Justice League and Justice League Ultimate (or something like that– maybe Ultimate Justice League? Same art style, same show, different name.)

    Teen Titans went over well with our eldest girl, too.

    • GeekLady says:

      Oh, I’m a DC girl, through and through. We’ve been through Batman Beyond and through Justice League/Unlimited over and over and OVER… only I’m not sick of Justice League. Yet, I suppose.
      I haven’t posted about David’s birthday party yet, (one of several reasons I was so silent) but it was a superhero party with Justice League cupcakes!

  3. +JMJ+

    A memorising fiend is good. Have you thought about giving him the Periodic Table and seeing what happens?

    And of course you end your takes on a tease . . . =P

    • GeekLady says:

      I don’t think I’m up to reading him the Periodic Table…
      I promise to post more frequently. I won’t quite make it once a day, but I’m going to try. Real essays too, even. Not just filler.

      • Foxfier says:

        If he needs song/voice, maybe animaniacs?

        other element songs too

        sorry for typing, the Duke is cuddling on other arm.

        • GeekLady says:

          bwahahahaha, this is even worse than teaching him the preamble via Schoolhouse Rock!

          • Foxfier says:

            Hey, I won a Knowledge Bowl championship due to Marty Robbin’s “Alamo” and… oh, scrag, the guy who did the sinking of the bismark, and pt 109 and a bunch of other history songs….

            Nobody has history classes worth a sneeze, so memorizing the songs meant that I knew dates and numbers nobody else did. 🙂

  4. Melanie B says:

    I had my first ever Hatch enchiladas when we were in Austin in September. Oh they were good. Sadly, now I *know* what I’m missing.

    I’m looking forward to the Mexican rice recipe. I’ve got one I really like but it’s very fussy and not quick. Throwing in a jar of salsa sounds satisfyingly easy.

    Bella is a memorizing fiend too. Though less so now than she was at 5. And now Anthony is memorizing nursery rhymes. I just love that stage. I’m not sure if the Periodic Table will be her speed, but I’ll give it a shot….

    • GeekLady says:

      Spanish Rice is up now on Experimental Cookery. I made it again last night and fine tuned the water requirements a bit, since it cooks uncovered – like a risotto but without all the stirring.
      I’m going to try it with vegetable stock next, for a Lenten version. And I want to try it with the Mexican tomato-chicken bouillon Mo told me about on our last visit.

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