7 Quick Takes – Dinosaur Bones Edition

1. I haven't been up to much because I spend an inordinate amount of time with a snugly, sweet smelling, sleeping baby curled on my chest and that inhibits lts of things, including typing. Nominally, he's burping. Actually, I just can't bear to put him down. I find with second babies, you're far more aware of the fleeting days of unsmelly peace. Plus he's awfully cuddly and has a peachy little head.

These days are fast ending. He's spending more time awake and can lift his head quite respectably for not quite six weeks. And he's already elevenish pounds.

2. We are having a shameful amount of trouble using NinjaBaby's name. We haven't slipped into calling him Ellie, but he has been called by his brother's name quite a bit, and even by his cousin's (much to my sister's amusement). I can only hope this will straighten itself out with time.

3. I had my second OB checkup on Wednesday, and since Himself had the day free we made an outing of it. Raphael and I were dropped off at the doctor's office downtown and Himself and GeekBaby went on to the park to play. When I was done, the baby and I caught the train down to the park for a picnic lunch before hitting the natural science museum. Some observations:

  • This was loads of fun and, between the packed lunch and the musuem membership, a very cheap family outing. I think we'll be doing a lot of picnics in the future, although not all the way down in Houston.
  • …but it was really hot (heat index of 107!) so we didn't stay out very long.
  • It would have been better to do the museum first, and then the picnic (my appointment dictated otherwise). The heat made everyone tired and crabby in the museum. But the new Eygptology wing is quite nice and GeekBaby drew a very respectable picture of a T. Rex skeleton.
  • HEB's peppered turkey lunchmeat is delicious. I don't think it was just due to all the walking I did before lunch.
  • GeekBaby is an aberration – he doesn't like raspas.
  • Our picnic blanket (a roughly twin size blue blanket my mother knit for me when I left for college) is just big enough for the four of us with a reasonable amount of growing room. We'll need a bigger one by the next baby. A bigger picnic basket too maybe.

4. Dinosaur Bones, as promised!

5. I will be going back to work at least for a little while, and so in preparation I hauled out my trusty double electric breast pump …and it no longer works.

My insurance will cover 100% of a new pump – manual pumps can be retail, but a new electric only if its a Medela or a Playtex from an in network supplier. Neither of these are closed system pumps. I'm sorry, I work in a lab, I KNOW what goes on inside an open system pump and I want nothing to do with it. *shudder*

So my choice seems to be down to 1) try and fix my current pump, 2) buy a second manual pump and dual wield, 3) buy a proper closed system pump and submit for 60% reimbursement. Ugh.

I guess such insurance hijinks are par for the course. But it offends my sensibilities that there are perfectly good, less expensive, closed system pumps available and instead insurance only offers the more expensive, less safe kind. *grumble*

6. I'd forgotten how much I really do prefer cloth diapering. But at the same time, now that we live in a two story house, my system needs some tweaking. I keep finding myself changing diapers from the diaper bag when I'm downstairs instead of going upstairs to use the bathroom changing station. I need a new system.

I have figured out that when they outgrow the stack of infant prefolds, I'm going to replace them with fitted diapers instead of more prefolds. I can't imagine prefolds doing as good a job once this little guy gains mobility.

7. I have 28 rows left on the last sleeve of my sweater. I might scrape through with just enough yarn, and if I do need more, it'll be used for seaming up, where dye lot discrepancies don't matter near as much. So I am content. For now. When those last 28 rows are gone, I'm sure I'll be vastly less content.

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6 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Dinosaur Bones Edition

  1. Can’t wait for this weekend. Would Geekbaby like to help make the pie or should I take it already made. Still working on my suprises. 😉

  2. Megan says:

    I thoroughly approve of that dinosaur picture.

    Also, my mother-in-law (you know, with the six sons) will sometimes throw out names randomly, INCLUDING THE RIGHT NAME, and then just keep going until the kid she wants figures out that she’s talking to him. (Also, she has apparently called Scott Kyle several times without realizing what the problem is, but those two look freakishly alike so it’s almost understandable.)

  3. JoAnna says:

    #2 – Unfortunately, it only gets worse with each subsequent kid.

  4. Foxfier says:

    Our young Baron frequently gets called Princess, Duchess, Boycousin, brother, uncle and last-male-relative-his-mother-spoke-to’s name.

    I think I’ve called him the cats’ name a few times, too.

    Diapering: we didn’t use cloth, but cleaning out a junk drawer *shudder* and putting diapers in there, then having a “changing sheet”– take a cheap plastic table cloth, cut out a chunk to taste, sew flannel on top, bob’s your uncle– and change anywhere.

    • Megan says:

      My mother sometimes calls my younger siblings by the cats’ names. They’re all small and troublesome; apparently it’s confusing.

  5. +JMJ+

    If you hadn’t said that that was a drawing of dinosaur bones, I would have assumed it was of someone with a combover doing a backbend. (Sorry, Geekbaby!)

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