7 Quick Takes – Curmudgeon Edition

1. See, I knew I wouldn't feel like doing anything after Easter. Apparently that even included blogging. The last trimester always (hah, I say that like I have vast experience) is always especially brutal. I don't have the crushing ribcage pain like last time, instead I have some extremely sore and strained muscles trying to support the bottom of my belly. Which I might have aggravated a little yesterday by doing a bunch of walking around the Medical Center… then trotting to catch my train (with a heavy load of baby shower gifts, no less.)

I'm terrible at being pregnant.

2. (TMI alert)

The general lethargy, it turns out, was probably the only symptom of an otherwise invisible, symptomless UTI. Goodness knows how long I'd had it. Maybe since right after my last OB appointment. I'm already starting to feel better, but it's made me think: I've never had a UTI. Is that because I'm not prone to them, or is it because when I do have them, they're not identifiable w/o a culture? I have plenty of episodes of “feeling mildly cruddy and intermittently feverish.”

It's been especially creeping me out since an antibiotic resistant UTI is what killed that expectant mother in Ireland.

3. It's been a weird week. On Wednesday a pair of mysterious diamond earrings showed up from Amazon alongside a few baby gifts of known provenance. There was no shipping list, no one I know bought them, Amazon itself did not know from whence they came!

I don't know what to DO with them. Amazon is all “…huh. Hey, free earrings!” Me, I feel like I'm about to become embroiled in either a spy flick or a muppet movie.

4. Speaking of baby gifts, one workplace shower is over. Thank goodness. I hate baby showers and tried to beg off, since this is my second baby and we don't really need much. But work would not let me off (any excuse for the lab to party, after all) but thankfully they did mostly attend to my two pleas of “I don't really need much, except girl clothes” and “please don't give me disposable diapers.”

But there's always one that doesn't. So we also received an ugly Pooh blanket with disturbing arms and legs that looks like it must awake in the witching hour and prowl around the house looking for new victims to smother. A pack of Huggies. A basket of diapering paraphernalia that we can't use because they'll damage our cloth diapers. And no gift receipt.

This is why I hate showers so much. You get nagged for weeks beforehand about “what do you still need?”, and when you put together an entirely modest list just to make it stop, the nagger looks at the list, apparently thinks “well, all that crap is boring”, and goes and spends 2-3x the money on some extraneous tchotchke.

Perhaps I wouldn't be quite so crabby if I hadn't spent the last three to four months trying to reduce the ridiculous amount of stuff in our house. There's a reason our third bedroom is called the Room of Doom.

Also, now I have to write thank you notes. *whimper*

On the other hand, we don't even know if Himself's department is going to throw a shower. Himself has lobbied against it, but I have an ugly feeling his department head is going to try a surprise shower, which I'm tolerably certain my nerves can't handle at this late date. Even if I don't have to go, I will still have to scramble to wash clothes, return things, and find more places to store other oddities. I have enough to finish up on the five weeks remaining to me.

5. I finally updated my Google+ profile with a picture. Tada!

Now I just need to update my Gravatar and I'm done with pictures for the next four years.

6. It's begun. GeekBaby came home from CCE on Wednesday to proclaim “the activities were boring. But I had fun playing!”

We've been seriously thinking about homeschooling him. It's barely been three weeks since I observed to Himself “His behavior will be fine in kindergarten even if he's bored, because he gets access to fresh toys and playtime. But from first grade on, he's going to be bored and thus in trouble all the time.” It's a little disturbing to see evidence my analysis was accurate so soon.

7. My c-section is scheduled for May 30th. She's getting Joan of Arc for a patron saint, which given her personality (and probable Amazonian stature) seems extremely appropriate to me. Also this ought to get us out of the hospital and home safe before Himself has to deal with administering finals and end of the year paperwork.

I'm still a little bitter over needing a c-section, but I swallowed my pride and scheduled it. And I suppose there are advantages, like knowing the hard deadline for when she'll be getting here, so I can't procrastinate too much.

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16 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Curmudgeon Edition

  1. Elizabeth says:

    If you need some kind of help after she is born you can always call me. I will be off starting the 2nd week in May.

    • GeekLady says:

      That is super sweet of you! I may take you up on some help (or at least company) a little later on in June. My mom will be coming over for the first week or so while Mike is finishing up year-end stuff at the school. But he’s teaching summer school this year, so there’s another 3 weeks of solo time coming up for me.

  2. JoAnna says:

    Donate the unwanted baby shower gifts to a local pro-life CPC. Win-win. πŸ™‚

    I had that symptomless UTI thing with my 4th pregnancy. No clue I had one until I woke up in the middle of the night at 24 weeks with what I thought were monster contractions but was actually just an unhappy bladder (as we found out after an ER trip). Not fun.

    St. Joan of Arc is an awesome patron saint!

    • GeekLady says:

      That blanket was a win for no one. You couldn’t even use it with a newborn. But charity is indeed the fate for the rest of the stuff, and maybe a few other non-horrible items of use.
      I’m just a crank. But giving and receiving gifts is such an intimate activity, and I’m so generally shy, that handling baby gifts from almost complete strangers makes me extremely cross. And my left brain can’t wrap itself around the idea of nagging someone over what they need, then ignoring them.

      • Foxfier says:

        For what it’s worth, I had the exact same issue with gifts… upside, as was pointed out, charity for needy mothers! (Our local St. V’s got a lot of stuff that I found at yard sales for crazy cheap, took home, cleaned up and/or fixed and then realized I didn’t need.)

  3. Megan says:

    I am not a fan of gift-giving occasions either. (My bridal shower was surprisingly painless, though; the worst was that I got more bath towels than two people will ever need. They’re nice bath towels, though.)

    Your description of the blanket is hilarious, though.

    And now I’m off to dream of dying of symptomless UTIs.

    • GeekLady says:

      Oh, don’t fret about dying! Her prognosis was never good, since it was an Ab resistant infection, but it took the hospital a couple of days to even look at her blood work from admission and see she had an infection. This is why I pester all doctors and nurses with questions until I’m satisfied.

      The invisibility of it just irrationally creeps me out, even though I know the standard urine dip in an OB’s office checks for leukocytes, so I couldn’t have been sick that long.

      • Megan says:

        Don’t worry, it turned out that my anxiety dream of the night was about getting hired as a cashier at Aldi (which I have no plans of doing…) and not being able to scan a package of celery and then the customer bad-mouthed me all over the store until I got mad and swore at him.

        Then I woke up and thought, “Duh, if it doesn’t scan you can just key in the code!”

        I also enjoy annoying my doctors with questions. It distracts me from getting stabbed with needles and other such unpleasant things. (I think I really annoyed my doctor once because I lectured him on how he should know WHY and not just say “Because Dr. Hilgers does it that way.” Poor man.)

  4. melaniebett says:

    1. I hear you. It’s only now that Lucy is almost four months old that I realize how hard my pregnancy was. I feel like I’m emerging from hibernation.
    3. Once we had a book and dvd on dog training show up on Amazon. It was only because we were expecting birthday gifts for one of the kids from my parents that we evem figured out what the mix up was. Well, we never fully sorted it out, but we returned the dog training stuff and they eventually sent the stuff my mom ordered. It was weird though.
    4. I hate getting gifts from strangers. The Pooh blanket reminds me of a blanket Bella got as a baby that had a disembodied teddy bear head with angel wings and played Jesus Loves Me. I accidentally washed it and then it creepily wouldn’t stop playing.
    I say donate anything you don’t want, Somewhere there is someone who will love that Pooh thing and think it’s the cutest thing ever. Seriously.
    5. You are so cute.
    7. Joan of Arc is cool. And I’m sorry about the c-section.

    • GeekLady says:

      3. The funniest part is that Amazon won’t even take them back! They aren’t large or high quality, but they’re still diamonds.
      4. This made me laugh so hard. Some day I need to blog about the toy that we dubbed “The Poltergeist Puppy”.
      5. I take one really good picture about every four years! I’m only dressed up though because none of my maternity pants fit anymore and that left me with a skirt and a variety of knee length pajama bottoms. I went for dressing up, and let the other technician grab a headshot for the lab webpage. (All my hairpins fell out about 30 minutes later.)
      7. Joan of Arc is reconciling me to the c-section. πŸ™‚ But what really makes me feel better is the idea that I can go in Thursday well rested and probably go home Saturday morning. That’s attractive.

      • melaniebett says:

        Don’t get too, too attached to the c-section date. You could end up with a stomach bug like I did (or just have a doctor reschedule) and then have a terrible time rearranging your mental calendar to include a different date. I’m still majorly put out that Ben wasn’t born on the feast of St Benedict but two days earlier. The problem was the feast fell on a Saturday that year. See there’s another feast day that is too close to a birthday to be able to make a really big deal out of it.

      • Foxfier says:

        My second showed up 10 days before the scheduled date. (To be fair, I told them that they were two weeks off in their “accurate” date, to the point of informing them that the only time we could have possibly conceived her was in the time I mentioned… but what do I know, I was only there. πŸ˜‰ My lack of instantly knowing dates of my lady’s cycles probably didn’t help.)

        • melaniebett says:

          WIth my most recent pregnancy I just out and out lied about my LMP date. I knew the day of ovulation so then I figured out the due date and then used an online pregnancy calculator to figure out what my LMP date should have been in order to get what I knew was the correct due date. Because I have given up trying to convince OBs offices that date of ovulation is more accurate. Grrrr.

          • GeekLady says:

            LMP is a weird sort of medical standard – they use it because they think its the easiest, most obvious sign for someone to remember (it isn’t). Even my OB calculates due dates from that, because she has to deal with non-Creighton colleagues and it would probably otherwise just cause trouble for her. Even though I knew my date of ovulation this time with higher than normal certainty – I had a day 16 ultrasound that showed a not-quite ripe follicle and a positive test by day 33.

            I only throw a fuss when I know my LMP due date is off by a week or more, like it was for David. This one is only skewed by about four days, so I let it slide.

            • melaniebett says:

              With Bella I could never remember the “official” due date, only the one I calculated off my charts. So it always caused confusion for me when nurses asked my due date. Also, since I know I’m going to have a c-section, I prefer to have it later rather than earlier, give them an extra couple of days inside.

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