Things Still To Do Before Easter

It feels like I have a million things to do before Easter gets here. So what am I going to do? Blog-whine about it Make a list, so I don't forget anything. That's the ticket.

Maybe then I can stop loosing my temper with GeekBaby as we try to play games and he deliberately breaks the rules, then smiles about it like it makes him smart.

Newsflash, my son. It doesn't make you smart. It makes you a smartass. And angering your tired, hormonal, fussed-out mother is foolish. Also, you can too put on your own *redacted* socks and boots.

Anyway, here's what's left.

  1. Go to work Wednesday AND Thursday.
  2. Clean the house. At least the downstairs. Guests shouldn't need to see my bathroom.
  3. Ruthlessly clean my kitchen. Don't forget the microwave, me, it's filthy.
  4. Get the Easter tub out of the attic.
  5. Pour unbleached tea lights for Tenebrae.
  6. Format Tenebrae texts into something readable.
  7. Look up times for Triduum services.
  8. Pour a new Paschal candle.
  9. But first, make a new pillar candle mold for said candle.
  10. And buy some more mold sealer.
  11. Decorate said candle.
  12. There will be six people for dinner. Gotta find a sixth chair.
  13. …Next year it will be seven chairs. I didn't have seven chairs even before I busted one. *sob*
  14. Plan out the three-day long Easter cooking schedule. No last minute additions to the menu this year!
  15. Calculate my estimated egg and butter usage.
  16. Go to the grocery store with GeekBaby.
  17. Go to the grocery store without GeekBaby.
  18. Fret over whether my lamb cake mold will arrive by Friday. FedEx says it will.
  19. Make cross pennant, just in case my cake mold does arrive on time.
  20. Measure capacity of lamb cake mold to determine amount of Italian Cream Cake to make.
  21. Avoid going into labor.

I'm tired just typing it all. Wish me luck as I prepare to check off #16.

Update: Lots of these are little piddling tasks, or things that will occur in their due time. But listing them out made me feel lots better.

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17 Responses to Things Still To Do Before Easter

  1. Mad Auntie Mo says:

    Good heaves, child! If I were pregnant and wrangling a tot, my list would consist of:

    1. Wangle invitation to someone else’s house.
    2. Firmly squash all Martha Stewart impulses
    3. Sit down and put feet up
    4. Eat peeps
    5. Just bask in the Resurrection

    • GeekLady says:

      Oh, you know me, Mo. 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 19 are all, if not relaxing, at least highly enjoyable for me. And I love the actual cooking part. It’s the planning a big meal entails that causes me all the fuss. There will be plenty of basking in the Resurrection, but that doesn’t come till Sunday. Most of this list is meant to maximize my basking time.

      It’s not the peeps (or any of the candy) I’m looking forward to, though. It’s the cardamom Easter bread that will be waiting for us after the Easter Vigil. And the mahlep flavored koulourakia the next day.

      (I’ll make some fresh koulourakia to bring with us when we visit next Friday. You will love them.)

  2. sockey3 says:

    Whoa! This reminds me of me (except making candles.) This year husband and 3 grown kids will fend for themselves while I leave on Friday to take care of daughter after childbirth. I’ll be buying a huge pile of food and Easter candy tomorrow, do the Holy Thursday dinner,write instructions for the rest, and then, off I go.

    • GeekLady says:

      Has the new grandbaby arrived, or is he(she?) still imminent? I know you’ve been waiting anxiously!
      Three grown kids ought to be able to pull off the whole production themselves, though. I practically have to duct tape my child to a wall to keep him from ‘helping’ and he’s only four. Another ten years, and I bet he could do the whole business from the Easter bread to the roast leg of lamb.

  3. melaniebett says:

    I’m tired just reading all that. I’m with Mad Auntie Mo. This year we’re doing an Easter potluck at my broth-in-law’s.. I just have to come up with some sides to go with the spiral hams. I am doing a leg of lamb Thursday. But with minimal fuss.

    I didn’t really do Lent for the kids this year and have been feeling guilty about it. Till I realized that Ash Wednesday fell in the period when I was still in recovery. Of course I didn’t plan any Lent. Now I feel up to it, but it’s too late to try to recover it. We’ll do Easter and then maybe next year I can figure out Lent for Bella. Maybe by then she can make her first confession during Lent and make her first communion on Easter or in Easter season? See if I can talk our pastor into going along with that.

    Meanwhile my sister arrives on Friday and I’m doing a happy dance. Good luck with all your preparations.

    • GeekLady says:

      Pfft, you had major surgery about a month before and an infant to care for. I wouldn’t be doing much for Lent or Easter at that point either.

      I tried the jelly bean business with David, but he just didn’t get it. And then it got all insane at work and I couldn’t keep up. So we didn’t have a stellar Lent either.

      That’s a really neat idea for Bella, though. I’m a little uncertain how we’re going to end up doing sacramental prep. I didn’t grow up Catholic, and don’t have any sentimental attachment to the current rite of passage model. But our parish DRE and I don’t see eye to eye on this at all.

      (I’m glad your sister is coming! I know you all miss her.)

      • melaniebett says:

        Yeah at the time I wasn’t at all trying to do much for Lent. But somewhere in the middle of Lent I turned a major corner and now it’s kind of hard to remember what the world looked like from that perspective, you know?

        I don’t like the current rite of passage model either. If I could have her confirmed at the same time, I’d do so. Heck, I’m rather fond of the Eastern method of doing all the sacraments of initiation at one time when they’re infants. Not that it’s at all feasible in the Latin rite. But I guess for now I’m just sticking with not making too many waves and going with the flow.

        • Megan says:

          In Steubenville they confirm second graders. Steubenville is kind of its own little fiefdom, but it makes me feel like maybe the tide is turning as far as that goes.

          • melaniebett says:

            Fort Worth does second graders too. I wish Boston would switch.

          • GeekLady says:

            I would be pretty happy with postponing 1st Communion and moving up Confirmation so it all happens around age 10. I would be really happy if it was done at the child’s desire/request anywhere from age 7 through adulthood.

            But I would be thrilled most if we could start a CGS atrium in our parish to replace the rubbish curricula we use now. As things stand, David gets better catechesis from an episode of VeggiTales.

            • melaniebett says:

              I actually think Bella is ready for first communion now but not quite for first penance, which must go first. Yes on the CGS atrium. I don’t have the resources to do it at home and would love for the parish to do. Sadly I don’t think it would happen unless I did it.

              • GeekLady says:

                David might be almost ready for 1st Penance, but not 1st Communion. He came in one evening this spring crying and inconsolable because, in his words [the little girl next door] lied… Not about anything she did, but about who smacked her with one of the plastic golf clubs and made her cry. Apparently David was the guilty party, and not her litle brother.

                …this took a while for me to untangle, and I was then distracted by meting out punishment for his crime AND explaining she may have been mistaken instead of lying, but it fascinated me later that he came inside miserable and confessing like he did.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    So I’m wondering how to wrangle an invite over to your house. (Just kidding) Actually I want to stay home and just veg with the Baron for Easter this year. I want to just spend time together and not interact with family of any kind (mine or his).

    I love 21. Is that causing problems? You are one of many pregnant women I’m friends with.

    • GeekLady says:

      Nah, apparently my body doesn’t do labor. I even fell smack on my butt at 8 months with David and never felt so much as a twinge. And I fell down the embankment into the greenway a few weeks ago, but I managed to roll properly on my shoulder for that one, so I wasn’t even bruised.

      I’m, um, just a little clumsy.

  5. Megan says:

    And I thought I was the only one who was making a cooking schedule. (Getting everything on the table hot at the same time is…not my strong suit. Normally we just pretend to be fancy people eating four-course meals, but on holidays I try to set the bar a little higher.)

    I need to ration my milk and eggs. I have 2 or 3 boxes of butter, so I should be good there.

    • GeekLady says:

      Oh, cooking schedules are mandatory for multiple dish meals! (Especially meals with a cut of meat roasting.) Even timing the bread so it shows up cool enough to eat next to the main dish is rough sometimes. And my first Thanksgiving? *shudder* Getting a multidish meal together is hard enough when you are comfortable cooking them all separately!
      Also, I only have the one oven, and Easter is an oven heavy meal. Lamb, roasted potatoes and onions, broiled asparagus, spanakopita… I start by penciling the lamb in based on when we want to eat and move backwards from there, then fit the other foods into the oven around the lamb. This would probably make a good housewifery post, now that I think about it.

    • GeekLady says:

      I have three pounds of butter, and just under a gallon of milk so I should be good. But eggs are a little tight, and Mad Mo is going around tempting me with emails of Italian lemon-ricotta mini pies. Those would wipe my extra milk (making ricotta) and my few spare eggs… not to mention my sanity.

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