7 Quick Takes – Geek Edition

1. I have bronchitis. Gaaaaaaah!

2. I am in love with this technique for making hummus. The recipe itself is also good, but the described technique is the important part. I've tried making hummus before, but it always had the consistency of cement and nearly burnt out my food processor. But whipping the lemon juice and tahini before adding the other ingredients produces a hummus that is much lighter and very smooth. Especially if you go to the obsessive length of skinning your chickpeas.

I find that, after scrapping down the processor bowl with the whipped tahini and lemon juice, you can just let it run and add the remaining ingredients through the food chute. Add the chickpeas last, in 4-5 small batches, and you probably won't need any water to help it along.

This stuff and a bag of multigrain pita chips has been a huge life saver for Fridays. I need goodly amounts of protein to keep the nausea under (semi)control, which has made keeping meatless Fridays awkward.

2. So I went and got GeekBaby a battery operated candle for his bedroom. I picked up a three pack of battery operated flickering votives that have been enrobed in beeswax to look like real candles. They're from Michael's and I had a 50% of coupon, so I only spent about $7 on the whole business. I confess, I'm not terribly thrilled with them. First, they're vanilla scented. Bleh. Why do cheap candlemakers feel the need to scent everything? Scenting over unbleached beeswax is an especially horrific crime.

Second, they run on coin batteries and only have 72 hours of battery life. So for night light use, those batteries will want changing regularly. But I haven't seen anything else that's notably better. And GeekBaby loves them, which is the important part. He has consented to sleep with the bathroom light off ever since.

So the next step in the project is to install a small shelf on the wall next to his bed to hold his sippy cup and LED candle. The icon will wait for his Easter basket.

3. One of the major household entropy points I've identified is that we don't have near enough wastebaskets in our house. We're working right now on finishing the work & game room, and need at least one more bin in there. I've liked this one at the Container Store for a while now and it's on sale… but it really is hideous in white.

So I bought the cheaper pencil cup, and did some experimenting with spray paint. I gave the cup a light sanding and a couple clumsy coats of Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze, and the results were very nice indeed, even with my amateur application of the spray paint.

This also served as an excellent practice spray paint project. I have a couple other things that want painting, and now I have a better understanding of how to go about doing it.

4. After spray painting the pencil cup successfully, I had the guts to try the ugly chandelier. Big mistake. While I was extremely cunning in my method of suspension (bungee cords hooked into one of the holes of the garage door opener strut), the actual painting was more painful that I anticipated. I had some drips, which didn't bother my CDO too much… But I also had coverage trouble on the underparts (the parts we would actually see. So yesterday I flipped the whole thing upside down and gave another light coat to the underside, just to get the bare spots.

And the whole paint job on the underside /crinkled/. I have to sand it all off and try again. *sob*

Even with crinkled paint, it looks better than the original fake brass chrome. Fake brass always has this awful green undertone.

5. I never did finish writing up my thoughts on Papa Benedict (although, in fairness, large amounts of stuff have been going on). But now I don't know whether to finish that post or not.

I'm going to miss him overwhelmingly. I was always fond of him when he was the much maligned Cardinal Ratzinger (those who called him the Rottweiler ought to consider what it would be like if I were in charge of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith! Punks don't know superhuman restraint when they see it.) and he was a marvelous pope. Plus I could drown myself in his writing, which isn't a compliment I give lightly.

There probably won't be any more of that published either, now that I think about it. Certainly not in his lifetime, and maybe not after. I'm as sure of this as I was in 2005 that he wouldn't die as pope. Which just makes me miss him even more.

6. Does anyone else have online social anxiety? It's one of the big problems I deal with blogging and commenting.

“Did that come out too harsh? I don't know. I'm not being harsh. Maybe I should just not post/comment at all.”

“I really liked this post. But I can't think of anything intelligent to say. But if I don't say something when I talk so much on other posts, will X be hurt? Quick, think of something!” (Usually precedes a dumb, meaningless comment.)

“Y just emailed me 30 seconds ago. I can't answer it immediately, that's creepy. How long do I wait?” This thought process is always followed several months layer by “Y emailed me how long ago? And I never answered?? I can't answer now, that's even more creepy.”

7. On Funny Lutherans: they think us Catholics are just as humorless as we think them!

Himself ran a quick errand over to a fellow teacher's (The Lutheran) house this past week, to relieve him of his excess beer (he's a newly diagnosed diabetic). After a few hours, I called to find what had become of my husband. Himself was still there, having been sucked into watching Dune (the 80s version) with the family and explaining bits of the story and world building to The Lutheran's teenage daughter.

Apparently, he described the Bene Gesserit as “a Protestant caricature of Catholic nuns crossed with eugenicists” which he was subsequently worried would offend me. He shouldn't have worried, that's exactly how I would describe them myself. In fact, it's exactly how I did describe them when Himself couldn't remember the 'eugenicists' part of the description.

Hey, it's catholic to be a geek.

For more Quick Takes (and probably fewer terrible puns), visit Jen at Conversion Diary.


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2 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Geek Edition

  1. Kyra says:

    I get online social anxiety all the time. And the more I edit and rethink comments the more my anxiety increases.

  2. Foxfier says:

    Hey, it’s catholic to be a geek.

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