7 Quick Takes – Aesthetic Edition

1. My OB is fussing over my (plummeting) progesterone levels again. They've dropped dramatically ever since I had to stop the injections. It doesn't really worry me as much as it maybe should because I produced GeekBaby with a of minimum progesterone intervention. But it worries her, so I have oral progesterone on top of the unspeakable medication.

The new medication has left me nauseous and, worse, emotionally wobbly. Couple this with stress from work, the extra necessary domestic organization of Lent, and the onset of allergies, and all I've wanted to do is cry, rant, and whine without any humor whatsoever. Thus my absence.

It feels like I just skip the second trimester, and go straight from the nausea and weepiness of the first trimester to the nausea and weepiness of the third, with additional heartburn and ginormousness. I never really get that extended spurt of energy and high spirits other women talk about. And all of a sudden my belly is huge!

2. On the plus side, I think my extra working Saturdays are over. Thank heaven.

3. It feels wrong to have a special sensory delight of Lent, but I really do love switching out the oratory candle for one of unbleached beeswax. Unbleached beeswax has such a delicious scent.

4. I've decided. GeekBaby will remain GeekBaby until he gets old enough to complain about it. Maybe even longer. Here's why:

On Sunday evenings, we try to make some popcorn, sit down together, and watch an episode (or two) of Doctor Who with GeekBaby. He really enjoys this, and hasn't had any problems with being scared, so we've been working our way steadily through Series One. Until last Sunday, when we reached The Empty Child.

This one I thought might actually be scary for him, so we set aside extra time to watch both parts in sequence. And we did cover his eyes for the more graphic scenes of people transmuting into gas masks. While he clearly reacted to the tension of the episode, he didn't have any bad dreams or trouble sleeping, so I thought we were in the clear.

I was not prepared for him to approach me randomly later in the week, smile charmingly at me, and ask “Are you my mummy?”!

He really is a geek. Environment can only provide so much.

5. I've been listening perforce to a lot of LotR audiobook lately (“Mommy, I can't sleep without the book!”) and one thing that has lately struck me, with peculiar intensity, is how good the Rohirric poetry in particular is. Especially with Robert Ingles singing it. *swoon* It just gets deep in my soul and satisfies something vital.

In fact listening to the audiobooks really reinforces something about the Lord of the Rings – they are meant to be read aloud, performed even. It reminds me of the guy who's putting out DVDs of his performance of Beowulf.

6. GeekBaby declares he wants a vigil lamp in his bedroom for a nightlight. I draw the line at a lit oil lamp in my child's bedroom at any time of day, much less during the night. But I am amenable to a very good quality battery operated candle. Something that doesn't look fake. And a nice icon to go with it.

7. My specific Lenten practice this year is to get the house entirely cleaned, organized, and ready for baby by Easter. That way I only have to spend those last two months maintaining the tidy. This is actually far more spiritually beneficial than it probably sounds, but that's a topic for somethng longer than a quick take.

We're actually ready (within a load or two of laundry) for Tindómiel to arrive now. But various large portions of the domicile are a disaster. And Easter, the one holiday I negotiated for always spending in my own home, is coming which requires a certain amount of thought and preparation.

But for a short update, after two weeks of having a nicely tidy bedroom I'm still finding little random pockets of filth. This week's was the realization that pictures on the walls collect dust just like everything else.

…I really am a terrible housekeeper, on top of being lazy.

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16 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Aesthetic Edition

  1. Melanie B says:

    Praying for you and the pregnancy-related misery. It sounds awful.

    That’s the one Dr Who episode I’ve actually seen. I don’t think I could watch it with my kids. I’d be traumatized. I know Bella would never sleep again, but she’s hyper-sensitive. Tonight she told me Goldilocks and the Three Bears was getting too scary.

    I agree about LOTR being intended to be read aloud. And the excellence of the poetry.

    I love the idea of the vigil lamp. If you find a nice one let me know I think I might get some for the kids’ rooms. Also, have you read The Kitchen Madonna by Rumer Godden? A beautiful story featuring an icon and lamp. Geek Baby might like it.

    I went on a house cleaning tear last week and am hoping I can keep it up. But doubtful.

    • GeekLady says:

      He is amazingly tough over tense movie scenes, although its interesting to see what he finds tense and what he doesn’t. For instance he still gets freaked out by Nemo being caught by the diver, but the Doctor Who episode, which is much creepier even without the two graphic bits, didn’t even rate half a Nemo reaction.

      I will let you know, definitely! He’s fussy about nightlights and has never allowed one in his room before – instead he wants the bathroom light kept on all night. *sigh*

      • Melanie B says:

        Yes, it is interesting to observe what sets them on edge and what they deal with just fine. I never know what is going to make Bella cry hysterically and what she will take in stride. Makes it hard to decide what she’s ready for and what she isn’t.

        • GeekLady says:

          David gets those hysterical crying fits too, but for different reasons. Usually they come after he’s been naughty (or thinks he’s been naughty) and has been penitent and forgiven. Then the floodgates will open. Or open wider. It’s like he can’t manage to forgive himself even if Mommy & Daddy have, and it’s impossible to calm him down. (He gets this from me, and it is weird to see your own personality quirks reflected in your kids.)
          After last nights remorseful tantrum, I tried a different tactic and told him it was okay to cry until he was done and I would sit there and hug him while he cried it all out. And weirdly, that calmed him down right away. It felt counterintuitive, but it worked.
          I don’t know if you’ve ever tried a similar tack with Bella… or how it would even work when you have more than one little listening to the story, now that I think about it.

          • Melanie B says:

            Yes, I’ve seen parenting articles that suggest holding them and letting them cry, to which I always want to scream: what about all the other kids who want my exclusive undivided attention. But I do think it helps when they can just cry all they need to. It makes sense to me that he needs to cry after he’s been forgiven. Crying is a marvelous tension releaser. He needs to get the emotion out after he knows everything is ok. It seems to me a rather healthy expression of remorse. And maybe in the absence of a penance a good way to make some kind of reparation. I probably should be better at encouraging Bella to just cry. It’s so disruptive and she hits this note that just grates on my nerves. But it would probably be better for her in the long run to just get it out instead of having me trying to distract her.

    • GeekLady says:

      Forgot to mention – The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances actually evens out the creep very nicely since its an episode with an unambiguously happy ending for everyone, which is rare for Doctor Who.

  2. Mad Mo says:

    Housework? I won’t tell you how large was the spider I found between the bread machine and the rice cooker… Or how we misplaced a stack of bills, which were found after their due dates… Life is more than dusting, and a perfect home is an unattainable grail. As long as you’re not actually harboring microbiology cultures or having to shoo mice off the table to set it, I wouldn’t worry too much.

    • GeekLady says:

      Mo, love, you almost never see my house without a frantic amount of cleaning being done before hand. And I still have too much pride to mention any unintentional microbiology cultures or other horrifying things. I’m not after a perfect home, just one that doesn’t fall completely apart if I get sick or busy.

      The dusting is important though, thanks to our allergies. And with all the local construction, ours is a very dusty house.

  3. Megan says:

    Emotional wobbly-ness is no fun.

    On LOTR: My dad borrowed a boxed set from an Army buddy back in the mid-80s and never got around to returning them. (They’re mine now. Bwahaha.) Around 2000, he decided to read The Hobbit and didn’t get very far before he declared that it was a book that HAD to be read aloud and roped my sister and I into listening to him read it. We got through the entirety of The Hobbit and the first few chapters of The Fellowship before we got irredeemably too old for read-alouds. (And then the movies came out.)

    I read through the whole series myself around 2006/2007, but I need to do it again.

    • GeekLady says:

      Gosh, I read them through the summer I turned 8, and got my own copies for Christmas the year I turned 10. I think I’m on my 3rd set of books now. I seem to have bad luck with the glue and binding, pages always start falling out after a few years.

      But my favorite set is by far the audio.

      • Megan says:

        Most of the books in my set need their covers glued back on.

        Do I redeem myself a bit if I say I’ve read the Silmarillion twice? (I was in a Tolkien club freshman year of college and then had to read it for class senior year.)

        • GeekLady says:

          I don’t see any redeeming as necessary. You don’t have to be like me. 🙂

          I talk about Tolkien a lot because I did read (and loved) it at 8, and thus it had a major formative influence on me. It’s one of two big reasons why I’m a Catholic as an adult.

  4. Kyra says:

    My oldest has seen most of the NuWho, and didn’t start getting freaked out until we got to Season Six, but he was scared to death of the bathroom about a month ago. The toilet paper holder and the heater made up an entity he called Big Face. He doesn’t seem to react to TV tension or scary things much, but he’s very good at anthropomorphizing household objects and making them scary. The boys both play Doctor Who relentlessly and we all have Who alter egos. My husband is Captain Jack Harness, Nat’s the Doctor, and I’m the Doctor’s most recent Companion, Amelia. Thomas is Amelis’a husband, Rory. The girls play characters or space monsters as required.

    Wait till you get to Blink and Midnight! Those are really well done and really creepy.

    • GeekLady says:

      Oh, Mike and I have seen them all, and David (who is not named after David Tennant!) remembers seeing the last seven episodes or so with Matt Smith. It’s Blink, Midnight, and the Vashta Nerada episodes that are worrying me a little. Especially Midnight, as it doesn’t really resolve so much as just end.
      Subsequent episodes with the Weeping Angels just aren’t that scary though. I’m not sure why. The finale of the last chunk of episodes is scarier than the two episodes with the crash of the Byzantine though.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Ok so I’m super slow with the catching up on the blog posts that are not Cam’s. I’m just getting around to reading and posting comments. I must say that the Geekbaby not being terrified by the empty child episode is amazing to me because I think I saw it on TV by accident before I even knew who Dr. Who was. I was super freaked out! Probably one of the most disturbing of all the Who’s I’ve seen. It’s up there in scare factor with the Weeping Angels.

    • GeekLady says:

      I won’t say there wasn’t a fair bit of huddling up to mommy and daddy during the episode. The 100% happy ending probably helped matters.
      But then he’s weird about what scares him. The Silence? No problem. The goofy looking old style Cybermen? Apparently terrifying. The Gunslinger? He was scared at first, but by the end of the episode, it was what he wanted to be for Halloween.

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