7 Quick Takes – Boring Pregnant Edition

I have been overwhelmed at work this last week with microscopy, and it does not look to improve in the near future. So my Quick Takes are going to be boring for a few weeks and I apologize for the inconvenience. For real (i.e. interesting and humorous) Quick Takes, visit Jen @ Conversion Diary!

1. 22 weeks! I'm sure all the pregnancy updates are tiresome for most people, but it's a big deal for me and thus currently occupies a great deal of my mental RAM.

I had an OB appointment yesterday and heard the heartbeat for the first time! The ultrasound technician at this doctor doesn't approve of using the u/s machine to play the heartbeat, especially not early in a pregnancy, so I hadn't heard it before. Tindömiel was her (increasingly usual) contrary self, and kicked the doppler probe. Twice.

But she's very active, and to all appearances perfectly healthy, so OB and I are quite pleased.

One new development was that I may discontinue the injections – not because my progesterone levels are at an approved level, but because the cumulative irritation of the injections has resulted in hard little lumps at the injection site. So my other progesterone supplement has been doubled instead. Bleh. I strongly suspect I don't need the supplements past the 14 week point – all of my miscarriages occur around 9 weeks, whether I find out about it then or not – but I've promised Himself to be (reasonably) good and not scar my OB for the remainder of her professional life.

2. Tindomiel, at not yet 22 weeks, can kick my iPad off my stomach while I'm lying in bed!

3. GeekBaby has taken to a new form of emotional manipulation, and it's actually taken me a week or two to catch on to him! Whenever he's in a particularly punkish and uncooperative mood and gets called out for it, he responds very sadly “I'm just worried about Tindömiel dying.”

Now, he's certainly old enough to be aware of, and has always been very sad about my last two miscarriages. This is why I took him seriously… until earlier this week, when I caught a surreptitious “did they buy it?” look on his face.

I'm on to him now. But between the two of them, I think I'm gonna be in some serious trouble.

4. I gained a bunch of weight in the last month. I'm trying not to be overly glum about it, but at week 18 I'd only gained about 7 pounds. And that included all my Christmas indulgence… which honestly wasn't that much since I have developed a general aversion to sweets this time 'round. But I gained another 7-8 this month, and I was hoping to get through this pregnancy without the excessive weight gain. I gained 50 pounds with GeekBaby, and I only lost 30. Granted, the remaining 20 got shifted around a bit – one does not lug around a 9 pound, rapidly growing newborn without some muscle development – but I never did fit back into my prepregnancy pants. And while I'm not terribly concerned with the weight/number/pants size aspect of things, I do feel that if the trend continues, I'm going to be rapidly approaching /unhealthy/ territory.

Okay, let's be rational. She's going to be a 9ish pound baby. Add another 6 pounds for increased uterine size, amniotic fluid, and placenta (on the high end, but probably reasonable given her size). Another 10 pounds for increased breast tissue, maternal blood supply, and edema. That's already 25 pounds. Self, just quit worrying and this time don't self medicate the heartburn with ice cream.

5. This is not why I jogged to catch the bus yesterday after my OB appointment. I jogged because I didn't want to hang around in downtown Houston for 30 more minutes waiting for the next bus. The bus driver wisely saw me as I am – an irritable, pregnant juggernaut of doom… and waited. Possibly she feared I would only continue chasing her, down the HOV lane if necessary, and that, eventually, I would catch her.

6. I am starting to get the “are you sure it's not twins?” remarks. These make me really sad. But not because I'm upset about how my belly has just exploded in size over the last four weeks. Early on, once I'd started my injections and the pregnancy seemed to be going smoothly, I really hoped it was twins. You know, to make up, just a little, for the childbearing years the locust has eaten. We've been married for nine years… I had rather anticipated having half a dozen kids by now.

Twin girls were my preference (not Himself's*) because I had two excellent girls names lined up, begging to be bestowed. But she's not twins… and so the question makes me a little sad in unexpected ways.

Relatedly, I cannot wait for someone to stick a foot past their uvula and say how nice it must be to be 'done' now that we have a boy and a girl. I have a truly excellent (yet gentle and charitable!) mental realignment procedure waiting for them.

7. Oh, this is funny. OB was flipping bemusedly through my chart, then asked if I ever had that early glucose screen done. And I said, yes, I had it done with my last progesterone draw, and showed her where the result was in my chart. I knew where it was because I hadn't heard the results at my last ultrasound, so the tech and I flipped through the chart until we found it. (I was dying of thwarted curiosity.) Turns out it got printed out as one insignificant looking line underneath the progesterone results – it wasn't at all obvious.

…Despite my brilliantly healthy glucose screen, she's going to make me do it again at 28 weeks. Possibly out of revenge for my chart shenanigans. 😀

Bonus Take! GeekBaby just invited Curious George to go shoot with him. When that parent/teacher conference comes up, I'm blaming Jane Austen.

* Himself maintains he cannot possibly acquire enough guns in time to prepare for twin daughters.

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13 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Boring Pregnant Edition

  1. Foxfier says:

    Re: footnote: especially not if they take after their brother!

    Relatedly, I cannot wait for someone to stick a foot past their uvula and say how nice it must be to be ‘done’ now that we have a boy and a girl. I have a truly excellent (yet gentle and charitable!) mental realignment procedure waiting for them.

    Oh, good! It took me until Baby Three to prepare even one response to the voluntary extinction (although most don’t see it that way) folks.

    • GeekLady says:

      She’s not like David. She’s more openly contrary somehow. Maybe it means she wont be so clingy?
      It’s so funny how you can get a feel for their personalities though. That’s maybe my favorite part of being pregnant.

  2. Baron Korf says:

    Twin girls, twin barrel shotgun. It has a nice symmetry to it.

    • GeekLady says:

      Indeed, and for the actual “sitting on the porch cleaning my gun” first date intimidation, it’s probably what he would pick. But he feels a certain need for an additional display arsenal.
      It’s probably for the best. The blog nickname for girl número dos is Undömiel, and so there’s a certain symmetry in her being distinctly younger.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I have decided that The Baron and I SOOO need to meet up with you somewhere. We to live in Houston.

    I could so see you doing #5. I’d just be scarred you’d get hit by one of those terrible light rails. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to put those things in the med center or even worst to make them share the turn lane!!!!!!!

    • GeekLady says:

      Oh, I ride the light rail every day. It could have been executed better *coughelevated!cough*, but they aren’t so bad, even in the medical center where we share the turn lane. At least the trains can’t make questionable and sudden lane changes.

  4. Barb says:

    I’d love to hear your reply to the people who think you should be done after the perfect family is complete. 11 years ago, I was hearing a lot of that myself. And I wouldn’t trade a minute of having Little Brother in our lives.

    • GeekLady says:

      It’s not exactly a reply, which depends on precise phrasing of a comment. It’s more an attitude of simultaneous joyful welcome and befuddlement that anyone could lack it.
      So it might be somethig along the lines of “but we can still fit two more kids in the house before we have to move. Three if the don’t fight too much.”
      Or “but I haven’t used up all my awesome baby names yet!”

  5. My kids #3 and 4 are also progesterone babies (plus heparin- the entire pregnancies)

    grrrrr about those people commenting on your family size

    • GeekLady says:

      Oh, no one’s said anything about my family size, except for the occasional Internet blowhard who thinks I’m a fairlure as a catholic for it. But there’s a strong secular mindset that 1 boy + 1 girl = done, and I can’t wait to completely shock and horrify them!
      …I’m afraid I’m a wicked person.

  6. Whenever I see the lady who commented on my 3rd with “Maybe you’ll be lucky and have a boy this time!” I still grit my teeth…. Part of me wanted a 3rd girl just to snub her. But, I got my wonderful Little Man. Now, when people say: “Oh, now you can quit!” I try not to pass out with fury.

    But, my wicked self partly wants you to experience this just so you can document your response and their response on the blog……

    Just know if someone is tacky to you, I’m behind you cheering you on….

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