7 Quick Takes – Life In All Its Mess Edition

1. Today is the March for Life. So today, I'd like to offer all my heartfelt gratitude to my OB. She's the only pro-life OB in Houston and, frankly, the only OB I've had willing to take my recurrent miscarriages seriously, or even bother measuring my progesterone. She probably saved Tindómiel's life, and I'm overwhelmed by gratitude with every kick (although maybe not every dry heave). She took me as a patient not quite knowing how my insurance is going to work out. And she cares.

Many women have crisis pregnancies who would never consider abortion, and one of the effects of abortion is that no one is willing to help us. Dr. Karges is my own hero. Who's yours?

2. A few weeks back, Dorian invited us to the mini Maker Faire down in the south of Houston. And since it's been a full year since we've hung out, and since Himself was going to Dallas for a gaming weekend, I said “Sure!”

GeekBaby was not so thrilled with going, even though it meant a fairly lengthy trip in the pickup. But when I told him it would be like a real life Casey's Contraptions (a favorite iPad game, sadly no longer available) he was psyched!

So we went, and met the rest of the Speeds. GeekBaby and her youngest are essentially of an age, and appeared to enjoy hanging out, making rockets and building wee electronics and shooting modified Nerf guns. And after they had to leave, GeekBaby and I made an incredibly functional LEGO catapult. The first test fire sent a LEGO boulder 6 feet in the air and ten feet away – straight over the heads of several innocent bystanders, to my horror. (We had to modify it to be less effective.)

Then we moved over to the wind tunnel to make floating machines. After several test runs of two different designs – and the rescue of the unfortunate cardboard passenger who fell into the fan – I almost had to drag him away. It was 3:15, and I needed to go make dinner for my parents. But I had to promise we could come again next year.

3. Neatorama has a hysterical analysis on experimentally sending bizarre objects, wrapped and unwrapped, through the postal system. I think their conclusion is a bit overstated, however. Most postal employees must have such boring jobs that weird items just relieve the tedium.

4. Ugh, I feel so pregnant all of a sudden. Not that I didn't feel pregnant before, but all of a sudden, my body just seems humongous. I'm not even all that big yet! At my last appointment I'd only gained five pounds, Christmas and all. (I'd be really pretty happy only gaining five pounds over Christmas without being pregnant!) And I can feel my ribcage stretching again. I predict another baby with enormous, muscular thighs. Poor girl. Let's hope she also inherits my general obliviousness to body image issues.

5. Did you know you can really buy anything these days off of Amazon? I was mentally cataloging baby gear – what we had, what we'd need – and decided maybe we should get some new, cute diaper covers. Five years ago, that meant going to a specialty cloth diaper web retailer. Today, Bummis are sold on Amazon. And Swimmis! And Snappis (of which we legitimately need new ones)! How awesome is that?

Swimmis are cute little swim diapers. Snappis are these wee claws on a three way stretchy rubber T that are the best at fastening prefolds… but they wear out after about 6 months, and if they break mid diapering, give you the worst rubber band snap ever. But they're still better than pins.

Disposable swim diapers are the biggest baby scam ever.

6. & 7.

…my brain has melted. I had two more, and I can't remember them. I'm going to go lie down and have a nap instead.

For your full allotment of takes, visit Jen @ Conversion Diary!


Woohoo, I remembered one! them both! Go me!

6. My placenta is not previa! Woo! And I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions, which I never had before. My plan is now to keep up with the progesterone till I'm term, then drop it at 38-39ish weeks and see if I can actually go into labor. My lovely OB is aware of this, and, if not exactly on board, doesn't find it upsetting enough to argue with me. And she has agreed, provided that everyone's health permits, to let me attempt to go into labor.

But I'll admit it, these Braxton Hicks. Are giving me second thoughts. Ow.

7. GeekBaby needs a new blog nickname, but he's been GeekBaby for so long that I have no idea what to call him. I've thought about Space Cowboy, which sums up a lot of his current interests, both Doctor Who-wise and Pixar-wise. I'm deeply tempted by Fëanor, because it seems sometimes I give up all my strength for him. Plus the nicknames would the be themed!

I just don't know. I actually feel a rather sad at the idea of parting with GeekBaby, but he's just not a baby anymore.

He's no help. When I asked what nickname I should call him on my blog, he said: “Leave the nicknames to us, honey!”


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3 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Life In All Its Mess Edition

  1. flycat says:

    I love my cloth swim diapers! I use the iPlay and Tuga brands. They also now sell G diapers at Babies R US. Zulily has frequent cloth diaper sales. I really kind of wish we could cloth diaper, then I think about our current poop problems and think thank goodness for disposable.

    • GeekLady says:

      I’ve never done it past the 3-4 month mark, since Mom doesn’t want to deal with it, but wow, they are the best! We used both Pampers and Huggies during Hurricane Ike, and they each leaked in unique and horrible ways. Prefolds and covers leaked once and that was in the early weeks when we were still figuring out the best fold to use.
      Plus, except for cute girly covers and replacement Snappis, the first 3 months of diapers are free!

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