7 Quick Takes – Miscellania Edition

1. Well, my glucose screen was 87 mg/dL. Perfectly healthy. In fact, this is probably the one thing that stupifies my doctors the most – that I am perfectly metabolically healthy… all 200 pounds of me. Perfect blood sugar. Perfect cholesterol & triglycerides. Perfect blood pressure. I’m just very large. Sturdy peasant woman physique, I believe Mad Mo called it. Poor doctors, they just can’t cope with reality.

This sort of discomfort with reality is just what happens when you overrely on an unscientific misapplication of BMI.

2. My follow up ultrasound was also perfect. Placenta doesn’t look as previa-ish as last time. Tindómiel’s heart, which we didn’t get a good look at last time, is fine. We got another peek between the legs – definitely a girl. She’s very active, which I can now feel, and is a constant relief, even when she’s headbutting me in my bladder.

3. In non-pregnancy news, Amazon sells food grade sodium hydroxide!! Do you realize what this means?? It means, I’m making real pretzels this Lent! Pretzels with beer cheese dip! Yum!

This lye looks like a real bargin, even with $12 in hazmat shipping. We pay twice that in the lab, easy. But I haven’t bought any yet, so I can’t make any real judgement calls on it.

Lye is crucial for getting real pretzel texture and flavor. The lye dip is what creates the crust and constrains the oven spring, producing a crispy exterior and a creamy, fluffy middle. But lot of people seem to think it’s too scary and dangerous for the home. Bah! We’ve fallen a long way from the days when women would make their own furniture polish with muriatic acid!

I guess I have a different perspective on this, since I routinely use sodium hydroxide solutions at the lab which are ten times the strength of the one for dipping pretzels. Maybe the first time I make pretzels I’ll have Himself help me with a photo safety tutorial.

4. This week’s GeekBaby-ism: “I’m sorry. My brain had a mind of its own!”

It was funny once, but now it’s his constant excuse for being contrary, which is not as cute.

5. So my method for dealing with pregnancy-induced insomnia has been to flip on an audiobook and let it run while I fall asleep. The Audible app has a somewhat persnickety sleep timer, but I can usually set it to run for one chapter and then turn off. I’ve been working my way (slowly) through the Lord of the Rings in this fashion. I use this trick for napping too, and it’s a lifesaver.

So one night this week I was really exhausted and went to bed early without turning on my book. And GeekBaby, as is his wont, immediately got his pajamas on and crawled into my bed to snuggle. And after rustling around for fifteen minutes in a truly annoying fashion, he asks plaintively “Will you turn the book on?”

My four year old cannot go to sleep now without listening to Tolkien. I can’t decide whether this is awesome or not.

6. The Christmas tree went out for the trash pickup today. I’m so proud of myself, we got the tree undecorated and down and out to the curb before Candlemas this year! This is unprecedented.

7. I had the incredibly disorienting experience this week of having a sponsored tweet be actually useful. I hate sponsored tweets with a passion, normally. But this one clued me in to Babies R Us’s annual trade-in sale that starts today. You can bring in any old bit of baby gear (from a variety of categories) and trade it for a 25% off coupon for new baby gear (from a variety of participating brands).

Why is this important? Carseats. Carseats expire. (They ought to have an expiration date stamped onto the seat somewhere.) And, since it’s taken us so long to have a new baby, the nice convertible carseat we got when GeekBaby was born expires at the end of the year. Tindómiel will be arriving in early June, so the seat really only has six months left of use before we’ll need a new one.

But with the trade in sale, we can take our old car seat in and get a coupon for 25% off a new one. Score!

Granted, later in the week we got a flyer from Babies R Us also advertising the sale. But I heard about it first via the sponsered tweet, and so I’m reluctantly forced to conclude that internet advertising actually works.

For more quick takes, visit Jen @ Conversion Diary. She’s getting better, but say another prayer for her anyway.

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10 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Miscellania Edition

  1. melaniebett says:

    Good news on the glucose and ultrasound.

    “My four year old cannot go to sleep now without listening to Tolkien.” Definitely awesome. Though I can see how it might get old after a while. I listened to the entire Lord of the Rings in the car back when Bella was 2 when I used to do lots of driving with her and Sophie in the car. I doubt she remembers any of it. If I spent any significant time in the car these days, I’d start again.

    We got our Christmas tree down before Candlemas but our town already had the tree pickup the week before. At least they did wait till after Epiphany this year. Still too early for us. I guess it will join last year’s tree behind the shed. Maybe I’ll have to figure out a way to use them in the garden.

    • GeekLady says:

      Mike likes to use them for bonfires (but not to cook over!), only we’ve been so busy this year that we don’t anticipate having time for a one in the foreseeable future, and we don’t have a big enough yard to just stick it somewhere and wait. So I gave it a once over for any ornaments still hiding, then hauled it to the curb.
      We can just put our tree out with the regular trash though – we don’t have special tree pickup days.

  2. Baron Korf says:

    5: Awesome
    7: I don’t understand why they don’t make them so they don’t expire. Especially for larger families, you’d think the additional upfront cost would work itself out.

  3. JoAnna says:

    Re – #1, I’m the exact same way. My blood sugar and blood pressure are always perfect during pregnancy despite the fact that I’m also 200lbs. Glad it was a good appointment!

    • GeekLady says:

      While I could stand to lose 20-25 pounds maybe, if I lose much more than that I start having some minor health problems. I get sick more easily, and takes significantly longer to recover. Womanly issues are also far more prominent. So I don’t fuss about my weight or appearance (much) and just go along with how healthy I feel.
      It’s weird, do you experience anything like this?

      • Foxfier says:

        When I was in the Navy, I got almost inside of 15 pounds of my ‘ideal’ weight…went to visit my family, and they thought I was dying. CAUSED womanly issues, and I got my first non-vaccine-caused flu ever.

        Much heavier now, but at nearly six months along I’m barely out of the one where they didn’t find health improvements over being “normal” or “under weight.” ^.^

        • GeekLady says:

          🙂 at anything under 175, I start to look emaciated, my ribs especially stick out rather prominently. But I’m still officially overweight at that point with a BMI of 26.6
          One of our D&D group guys has to pass yearly weigh ins to keep his health insurance premium down, and he always looks terribly unhealthy when he gets down to an approved weight. Plus, the up and down each year isn’t very good for him.

  4. Baron- the reason car seats expire is because plastic breaks down- I like getting new ones anyway because technology makes improvements

    • Baron Korf says:

      Right, the plastic will embrittle over time. So I figure make the frame out of 4140 steel or even 6061 aluminum. Then all you need to replace is the impact foam every few kids.

      • GeekLady says:

        The Radian seats actually do have a steel frame and I believe they have a ten year lifespan compared to the six year life of plastic ones. You’ll excuse me if I don’t pull the Radian out of the car to check! Radian’s are fantastic. Narrow profile, high weight, high height seat, the downside of this is kids don’t grown out of them very quickly, so new toddler also means new seat.
        But even those seats have enough molded plastic components that they become unsafe eventually. And while I’m usually a huge DIY fan, replacing car seat components is not something for which I want to take the responsibility.
        And carseats do get better all the time. They actually have infant buckets that go to 35 and 40 pounds now. The only great feature of an infant bucket is the ability to buy multiple bases for the seat for quick installation in multiple vehicles, and for a lower price than a single regular convertible seat. I’ve never liked the infant bucket, but now that they’re big enough to last for more than a year, we will probably get one for the multiple vehicle ability.

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