7 Quick Takes – Sick and Cleaning in Houston, TX Edition

1.  So, I’ve had the flu.  Since the 31st of December.  I only returned to feeling like a human being last Wednesday.  That’s approximately ten days of flu, and it completely screwed up both the last half of my holidays and a semi-important week of microscope work I had scheduled for this first week of the year.  And then, to add insult to injury, now that I’m mostly better (and only a little more irascible than usual) GeekBaby has the flu too.

In fact, he became symptomatic rather spectacularly by waking up (and waking me up) at 10pm on Thursday night to vomit.  Himself is my hero – he figured out what GeekBaby was fussing about and got him to the toilet before anything horrific happened.  I was totally useless, having just been woken up from a dead sleep, all I could manage was to sit there in the bed and blink and wonder what the hell just happened.  

2.  So it’s Wednesday, and I’m finally feeling better.  What does a sane person do?  Rest?  Some light housework, an attempt to restore order from the chaos resulting from over a week of combined travel and sick?  A combination of the two?  No!  I dive headfirst into the dump that is our upstairs ‘living’ area and work myself to near exhaustion.

See, when we bought the house, it doubled the area we had in our last apartment… but our furniture volume has remained essentially constant since.  So we have lots of space in this house… and very little of the furniture that makes it functional.  Add to that a lack of general organization and some severe pack rat tendencies (I hate throwing anything away that might one day be useful!) and you have a room that is nothing but a big stuff dump.  Like all dumps, it probably contains some useful stuff… if you can find it.

Anyway, I got about a quarter of the room cleaned and vacuumed – not coincidentally, it’s the quarter of the room containing my desk and computer.  Whenever I got tired of the heavier work I could sit at my desk and do some much needed computer maintenance instead.  It may not seem like much, but it’s an amazing little lift having this little bit of the room tidy.  On Thursday morning Himself and I sat at our desks to drink our coffee and arrange our day and it was as blissful as 5:30am can possibly be.

3.  I dutifully hauled my sick self down to the new phlembotomist’s office on Monday for a progesterone level and the (early!) glucose challenge.  Thanks to all the driving and (at this point) a week of flu, I’d missed several injections, and my progesterone levels have dropped, making the OB crabby with me.  But I just couldn’t cope with being at my inlaws’ house, developing the flu, and twice a week injections that raise an itchy welt on my bottom the size of the palm on my hand.

I’m not terribly worried, because I can still feel Tindómiel kicking and somersaulting around in there.  But I will dutifully humor my OB who, after all, is taking very good care of me.

I haven’t heard back anything about the glucose challenge, from which I can only surmise that my results were normal.  I still wish I knew what the numbers were.

4.  I have several posts floating around in my head, but I can’t get them out via the keyboard.  In fact I’ve observed something rather interesting about my writing tendencies.  I cannot get a topical post that requires internal logic and arrangement to come out via the keyboard – it must be written, pen to paper, and then typed.  Conversely, I can’t make Quick Takes come out that way – they have to be typed or they won’t come at all.

I would be more frustrated about this except that it means I get to use my new color of fountain pen ink.  A lot.  So instead it actually makes me pretty happy.

5.  PSA on fountain pens:  the chore of filling a fountain pen is vastly lessened with an ink well.  Ink wells are rather hard to come by these days, but shot glasses work just as well.

6.  So with a clean desk and a mostly functioning computer, I decided to write these the old fashioned way… and have had a disappointing realization.  Blogo, my old go-to blogging software, is a defunct piece of crap.  It’s so defunct, I can’t even find a webpage for it anymore.  So defunct that googling for Blogo reveals 2-3 year old reviews and support forums full of spam.

I’m actually going to have to return to writing future blog posts on my iPad, I’ve been so thoroughly spoiled by Blogsy.  I can’t decide if this is inconvenient or not.  On one hand, I love Blogsy.  On the other, some things are still just easier on a computer… and typing is still one of them.

7.  I did not think it was possible for my son to be needier… but the flu has apparently made it possible.  Thanks, Flu.  Thanks a bunch.  Gotta go.

Remember to visit Jen @ Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes, and to say a little prayer for her!

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3 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Sick and Cleaning in Houston, TX Edition

  1. melaniebett says:

    Oh dear. That is a very long time to have the flu indeed. I hope Geek Baby bounces back much faster.

    Very interesting observations re keyboard vs pen and paper.

  2. Foxfier says:

    From my glucose tests, when it goes well you don’t hear about it unless you ask specifically. When it goes bad, it takes quite a while for them to get the results, get them reviewed, then call you back for another test.

    Really not looking forward to my test. -.- Hope you don’t hear ANYTHING about yours!

  3. nancyo says:

    10 days of flu when you’re pregnant is just wrong. glad you’re on the mend now.

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