7 Quick Takes – Tired and Grumpy Edition

I'm too dang tired for adding pictures today. Sorry, folks.

1. I'm not entirely sure I'm strong enough yet to get through a whole seven quick takes, but I wanted to get this first one out there for sure, so I may post with less than the quota.

Please keep Jennifer Fulwiler in your prayers. She's pregnant, about a month further along than I am, and on Wednesday was admitted to the hospital with pulmonary embolisms in both lungs. She's since been sent home, they're going to treat with blood thinners, so she doesn't need to stay in the hospital. But she and her baby and the rest of her family could use all our prayers.

UPDATE: She’s back in the hospital now, I hear.

2. This has not been an exceptionally healthy Christmas season for me. My morning sickness lasted until the 11th hour, leaving me with just about a week to get all the stuff done that I'd intended to putter calmly at throughout Advent. This year I actually took the sane approach, and decided to drop a couple of projects (*gasp*) so I could alternately give more time to other projects, and spend more time resting. This was a good choice.

The toy grill didn't happen – we couldn't find plastic bowls of the right shape.

Pepperkakor didn't happen – I figured my mom had made enough sweet stuff and spent my time baking an experimental batch of stollen instead. (This was a fantastic decision!)

The Jesse Tree coloring didn't survive past my week at home in early December. Oh well. I think the readings need some cut and paste to work well for the preschool crowd anyway.

I know there were other things I wanted to do… but I can't remember them anymore. I'd like to tell myself it's because they really weren't important… but I know I'm quite capable of forgetting actual important things. (Though they probably weren't.)

And then, promptly after arriving in the Valley for New Year's, I catch Himself's grandmother's cold, and have been essentially floored ever since. And there's very little more depressing than being holed up with a cold at my inlaws. Except maybe being hold up with a cold and pregnant.

3. Melanie had her baby, Lucia Rose! January 3rd, an auspicious day! Auspicious timing too. In fact, everything about this birth seems to have gone very smoothly, which makes all us down here very glad. Go, congratulate her, and drool over that delicious little bundle of joy!

4. Speaking of January 3rd, we had the 'big' ultrasound yesterday…

…and this baby is probably a girl!

I say probably, because after we got one reasonably good look at her bottom, she decided to flash us a shot of what was probably umbilical cord, but it all went quick enough to cast some confusion over the whole business. Sass like that just makes me thing she probably is a girl. It's what I'd do.

So, until further data is obtained, she is a she, and her blog-nym is Tindómiel. Unlike GeekBaby, Tindómiel contains a subtle hint at her actual name.

We may get another look in a couple of weeks – due to bad positioning, the ultrasound technician had trouble getting a good look at her heart. The placenta also implanted right by the cervix, and they want to keep an eye on that too. Which means another ultrasound in two weeks, and I can probably convince her to take another peek at the sex, too.

5. One reason I hope she's a girl is because I'm collecting sex prediction data points based on dates of intercourse and ovulation. I accurately predicted GeekBaby and my college roommate's first son as being boys. Tindómiel's timing was tighter, and I was leaning towards girl while acknowledging this baby could reasonably go either way. But if she's a girl, I'm 3 for 3!

This whole little mental experiment of mine greatly amused our ultrasound technician, who suggested I do my further research with the OB's office, since it's an NFP office and thus uniquely situated to collect all the necessary data.

6. Another reason I hope she's a girl is that we can't agree on a boy's name. I always feel better having a set name.

7. Ugh, I'm just going to wrap this up. The OB just called, because this baby is measuring big they're going to screen me for diabetes when I go in to have my progesterone measured on Monday. Please pray that I don't have diabetes!

For more 7 Quick Takes, this week we're visiting Hallie @ The Moxie Wife. And don't forget to pray for Jen!


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15 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Tired and Grumpy Edition

  1. Foxfier says:

    So you’re naming her Aphrodite? /silly

    • GeekLady says:

      *brrrnt* Try again!

      How did you get to Aphrodite anyway?

      • Foxfier says:

        Looked up the elf lady’s name’s translation– “lady of twilight”– then looked at her dad’s name– something about the sea, I closed the page already– and bounced it off the wall a few times. ^,^

        If I were going to make serious guesses, I’d probably look into either things relating to dawn or saint’s imagery…. but it’s also possible that you went as off the wall with being related but mostly in retrospect as I did with Duchess and Princess.

        • GeekLady says:

          That’s pretty good! Tindómiel is Quenyan for ‘morning star’ although I admit I’m just guessing that Tindomë would follow the same pattern as Undomë did to Undomiel.

          But there’s a couple more layers to it than just this one!

          • Foxfier says:



            Morning Star= Lucifer= vs leader of the Angels= Michael= girl.

          • Foxfier says:

            Oooh! Crystal!

            Again, Morning Star= Lucifer= frozen= ice= diamonds= crystal!

            Or– Belle!

            Morning Star= Venus= Beauty= Beauty and the Beast by Disney= Belle!

          • Foxfier says:

            Tindómiel is Quenyan for ‘morning star’ although I admit I’m just guessing that Tindomë would follow the same pattern as Undomë did to Undomiel.

            If I wasn’t playing around, I’d get my English/Elvish dictionary down and check…but it’s more fun to bounce darts off the wall. 🙂

          • GeekLady says:

            Okay, some hints, because now I’m curious if you actually can work it out.
            1. There are two names here, a first and a middle
            2. That I worked out a Quenya nickname at all is a hint in and of itself. The Quenya isn’t a translation.
            3. It at least pretends to get along with our Hispanic surname.

            • Foxfier says:

              Is this girl going to be living the second generation geek life? *Grin*

              Well, you mentioned Undomiel, which is Arwen’s name that means “evening star”… but if it’s not a translation, then it’s maybe got something to do with morning…I’m horrible at figuring out names that work with languages! I only do sounds!

              I keep thinking it’s some form of Maria, but probably just because different forms of “Mary” are the most common theme in either side of my family!

              • GeekLady says:

                One of the lovely things about Quenya is how nice and symmetrical it is. Undöme is the evening twilight, and Undómiel is evening star. Tindöme is the morning twilight, so I figure Tindómiel is morning star.

  2. melaniebett says:

    I’m not even going to try to wrack my postpartum brain on your name riddle. Though I can’t wait to find out what it is.

    Oh and a girl… so exciting. I hope she cooperates better at her next ultrasound.

    Thank you so much for the prayers. I just know the smoothness of Lucia’s birth was due to all the prayers being offered for us. Who knew the stomach bug could be a blessing, but it really was because that’s what got me the OB I wanted.

    I’m curious about your sex prediction experiment. If you want I can look at my charts when I get home.

    • GeekLady says:

      Oh, none of my children are cooperative. 🙂 I do promise to fess up on the riddle eventually, though.

      You would have to leave Lucia out if you gave me actual dates, and mix the rest of them up to blind me. And I couldn’t include them in my data, because I don’t like making a prediction after the baby’s sex is known. But it would be interesting as an exercise.

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