7 Quick Takes – Procrastination Edition

1. Now that I'm released from the slavery of work, I ought to be throwing myself headlong into all the Christmas preparations that I haven't gotten done during Advent (read all of them). But I've just had 4 pitched battles with GeekBaby in the last 20 minutes, and I'm already too exhausted to consider unloading the dishwasher right now. Also, I want to make sure I put up quick takes this week.

I had them mostly written last week and was having a fairly lovely time goofing off on Google+, then I read the news and couldn't bring myself to finish them.

The hat I knit last week that you didn't get to hear about. The design is trilobites.

2. The four pitched battles of the morning so far:

  • No, you cannot get the eggs out of the fridge, they're up high. No, do not get a chair! ARGH! Just wait till I've finished using the potty!! *tantrum* (his, not mine)
  • No, you may not crack the eggs. You said you wanted a fried egg, and those must be cracked into a frying pan full of hot butter. I can still make you an omelet if you want to crack your own eggs. *indignation*
  • Do you want buttered toast? Yes. How many? Two slices! (five minutes later) MOMMY! Did you toast mine?? Yes, of course I did. *outrage*
  • Do you want orange juice or milk? Milk. Orange juice goes better with this breakfast. Milk! Okay. (five minutes later) I want orange juice! Finish your toast and you can have a glass. *fury of 10,000 suns*

…and now he's all sunshine and owls.

3. Well, I've made it to 16 weeks. And I think I've started to feel some squiggles. Good signs, both of 'em. On the other hand, I have the most enormous welt from my last injection.

4. I've taken to my maternity clothes, and am now realizing just how much I relied on clothes borrowed from GeekBaby's godmother. My supply is… scanty. I don't really need 'em right now, my regular clothes still fit, although blue jeans of the high waisted variety are getting a bit snug, but I've discovered that pressure on my abdomen makes my nausea so much worse.

5. The downside is my maternity jeans have calves too snug to wear my Awesome Boots underneath the jeans. And, as Himself reminds me, I extorted those boots at the end of last winter by a promise to wear them regularly this winter. I have to fold my jeans and zip them into the Awesome Boots.

I highly suspect this is trendy, therefore I hate it. (Also, it's not comfy.) I just don't do trendy. Trendy requires effort, and I'm just not interested in expending effort on trendiness. Elegance is timeless, and therefore easier. Also, trendy has a strong tendency to be ugly, and I hate ugly.

And, as you all know, I largely expend all my fashion energy just making sure I'm wearing my shirt right side out and not backwards. (The leftover goes to rocking Wonder Woman and pearls.) ((I cannot believe I just typed that sentence, but I have no time for my usual excessive social awkwardness inspired editing right now.))

6. GeekBaby requested a real, functioning grill from Santa for Christmas. I'm going to make him this instead, with the addition of a second bowl for a lid, and a bunch of felt and pea gravel beanbag charcoal briquets.

No, I haven't started this project yet.

Yes, I'm completely insane.

And good heavens, if he keeps this attitude up, he's only getting the charcoal. What a pest he's being today!

7. GeekBaby asked me on Wednesday if we could go caroling when Christmas came. Now, this is something I've long wanted to start doing, either a tradition of caroling or posadas. We don't really have enough interested people for good posadas, but caroling is independent of the interest of the rest of the block. And I've never been able to quite face the indignation of our respective families that we would want to do something other than spend all the time with them. But if GeekBaby wants it…

So we're going to go caroling. Yes, collecting caroling music is yet another thing I have to do before Christmas gets here. But on the other hand, it means I can justify learning to sing The Mouldy Cheese Madrigal. And that is just delightful.

For more Quick Takes, including a public service announcement about Texas attics, visit Jen @ Conversion Diary!


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20 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Procrastination Edition

  1. Kyra says:

    I do not like the mind-changing, tantrums, and unreasonable requests. Right now my life seems to consist largely of all of them.

    My almost-three-year-old has started taking eggs out of the fridge and hiding them or smashing them. I am not in love with this. I think I’d like to skip straight to the age of reason with all the kids.

  2. Melanie B says:

    Cute hat!

    Oh the tantrums! I don’t deal with breakfast these days. I wait to get up until the monsters have been fed. Thus I only have to deal with the lunchtime and dinnertime and snacktime tantrums. But at least I miss most of the breakfast ones. Though today Sophie slept late and then got mad at me when I said she couldn’t have smoked salmon on her bagel and cream cheese. But at least she chose to just go to her room and shut the door. No screaming. It was a minor miracle. Maybe she is outgrowing them.

    Maternity clothes. I’m down to one pair of corduroys and some yoga pants. I can’t wait to be a normal size again.

    That toy grill is super cute.

    Will you go caroling door to door in your neighborhood? I’ve never actually seen anyone do that. I think I’d feel super weird.

    • GeekLady says:

      Sadly, the toy grill may be out. I’ve looked and looked and cannot find an appropriate plastic bowl. On query, Mike says we can drill through a stainless steel bowl, no problem, but that makes the project a little more expensive.

      And David has decided he wants an electric train instead. Argh!

      We will go caroling through the neighborhood, but probably only go up and knock at the doors of the people we know. I’ve never seen anyone do it either, but I confess, I’m itching to do something to fight the materialism around us, and this seems like a nice, joyful way to do so. Mike has a very nice voice, and mine is decent enough although my range is small.

  3. Foxfier says:

    Maternity clothes–
    Have you seen the “beltline extender” type things? Basically, you take some cloth, sew a button on one side and a hole on the other, and use that instead of buttoning your pants.

  4. Rachael says:

    I am so glad to be mostly out of the tantrum phase with my son. My daughter never lived up to her brother’s tantrum skill level and so it was easy to just ignore her little fits. Sadly he has now become quite skilled at the mind changing. Mostly telling me he doesn’t want something until I am all finished cooking and have left the kitchen. The minute I sit down to eat he changes his mind.

    Nothing wrong with Wonder Woman and pearls. Timeless and elegant right there. I agree with you on trendy. Nothing sillier than fashion critics who go on and on about how great the current fad is only to trash it a season later. Maybe it wasn’t that great to begin with??

  5. You look adorable in that hat. That is all.

    • GeekLady says:

      The pattern is here:
      It’s a lovely logical bit of knitting. I made one hat in brown, and then the one in white, and by the white hat I hardly ever had to look at the chart. It just flows so nicely, it’s like the DNA cable scarf in that respect.

      • Now I am tempted to actually do something with the various bits of yarn I accumulated over the years of sorta learning how to knit. (I’ve learned to knit about three times.)

        • GeekLady says:

          I never really got knitting until I had a project I really, desperately wanted to do – a viking baby hat for my son. Then I learned fast
          Also, I think knitting in the round on double pointed needles is much easier than going back and forth on something flat.

          • The first sewing project I successfully completed was a ruffled, multi-tier skirt for my little sister. It took MONTHS, but it kept my interest the way a pillowcase wouldn’t have.

            Also, I think I have double-pointed needles somewhere in the pile.

            • Melanie B says:

              That’s how sewing was with me. I decided I wanted to make a baby quilt for a friend and did so. Then I made a full size quilt for my parents. Pillowcases would have been boring.

              • GeekLady says:

                Yep! My first real project was my prom dress, but I had an experienced seamstress friend to help. Prior to that is my failure of a pair of shorts from 7th grade home economics, for which I received an F.

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