7 Quick Takes – Pumpkin Edition

1. I've started work on my enormous pumpkin! I was right, I can only fit half of it in the oven at one time.

Really, half of that pumpkin is almost too much for my oven.

2. It is confirmed. Gutting pumpkins is the grossest kitchen task, ever. I loathe it to the bottom of my tiny heart, even more than I loathe prepping fowl for roasting.

3. Also, washing all those pumpkin seeds for seed saving and roasting is a humongous pain.

4. It's kind of funny for someone who loves pumpkin bread so much, but I really don't like the smell of raw pumpkin. It's grossed me out since I was a girl. The fairytale pumpkin is a little better, it smells more like a melon than other pumpkins, but the pumpkin odor is still there and making me nauseous.

5. You might notice I didn't include pumpkin pie there. That's because I don't like pumpkin pie all that much. Texture issues. I'm still looking for the right pie recipe that minimizes them. The worst pie of all is pie with nasty, stringy, watery puree, of course. Like you get from jack o'lantern pumpkins.

6. With all this gardening and food preserving, I've also picked composting back up again. We tried, long ago, once, when I got a pretty good discount on one of those ceramic countertop compost jars with the carbon filter in the lid. And let me tell you, those jars are just a waste of money. One, they don't hold very much, so you're either always emptying it, or emptying it really rarely. Two, because it's covered, it holds moisture in and things get really gross inside it really quickly. Three, this attracts these weird nasty little bugs. Four, you're supposed to replace that carbon filter every month or two, so it's just a constant outlay of money.

This time, I got a medium sized stainless steel bowl, and it just sits out on my counter. I empty it when it's full, or starts to reek a little (usually due to high onion content.) But it has none of the problems of the ceramic jar. It doesn't usually smell (unless it contains primarily onion), the bits of vegetables dry out gently instead of turning to goo, there are no bugs, and there's no ongoing cost. I'm much happier with this method of collecting kitchen compostables. And hey, if it still doesn't work out, hey, I have a new stainless steel bowl!

7. But the best part of the stainless steel bowl method is that GeekBaby has started spontaneously composting his banana peels and apple cores! I didn't ask him or tell him to do it. I don't even remember explaining to him what I was doing with the composting bowl. He must have learned from watching me cook, and then started doing it on his own. That's pretty cool.

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4 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Pumpkin Edition

  1. I love pumpkin pie inordinately, but we definitely always make it with storebought puree. Homemade puree is reserved for muffins and the like.

    • GeekLady says:

      Once I didn’t quite get the sugar all mixed in off the bottom of the bowl, so when I scraped the bottom of the bowl into the pie shell, the pie ended up with caramized patches of sugar on top and looked like it had skin cancer!

      • I have never actually made pumpkin pie myself. (Scott was shocked when I told him this the other day.) Or any kind of pie. Pie is my dad’s turf at home. (He’s pathologically meticulous, which comes in handy with pie-making.)

        Anyway, I will have to do a photo-blog of my first attempt to make pie and we’ll see if it looks cancerous. *g*

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