7 Quick Takes


It sprouted on Wednesday. But only three of the eight seeds I planted sprouted. I am justly chastened for buying seeds in a paper packet from an outdoor rack. On the other hand, it's still pretty hot here. Maybe I should bring it inside. I wish I had a window sill to put them on.

It's Parris Island Cos Romaine, and if it grows well, I'll have a head or two of lettuce every week from November through April.

2. GeekBaby had his first CCE class on Wednesday. His poor teacher had no books, no classroom supplies, no coteacher, and wasn't allowed to let the kids touch any of the materials in the room. Four year olds, not allowed to touch anything in a Pre-K classroom full of unfamiliar toys? Someone did not think this out.

In fact, I have the strong impression that almost nothing in our CCE program has been well thought out. Oh well.

3. My first class teaching fifth graders was terrible. But I'm stuck with fifth graders because they've moved all the high school catechesis to Sunday evening, right smack in the middle of dinner time. They have their reasons, and I'll admit (reluctantly) that they're decent ones, but wow, does it end up punishing those with a family life.

4. I have successfully posted a full week (M/W/F) at Om Nom Nom. I was a little late this morning, but it was up before nine, which is more than I can say for these.

5. Speaking of food, my child loves to cook, loves vegetables, is a brilliant eater… and is as stubborn as a pig. Last night, we had baked potato soup and cheddar puffs. He helped me cook every bit of that meal. He fetched ingredients. He stirred the bacon while it browned and I was dicing things. He helped put the cubed potato into the soup. He either participated or watched every moment of the process.

And when I served up the bowls of soup, he refused to eat it.

Oh, he ate more than the last time I made this (he refused to touch the soup at all that night). He had a couple spoons of the broth. He ate two of the cheddar puffs (he loves those and would fill up on them completely if i let him). But he refused to eat the soup. And so I told him he could either eat five bites of soup now, or the entire bowl tomorrow morning for breakfast, but he got nothing else till he ate that blasted soup he was so excited to make.

This morning, he had a meltdown because I refused to make him a caesar salad to eat alongside his soup! Argh!

He did, eventually, eat and enjoy the soup. I'm not sure why it's such a battlezone though.

He can have a caesar salad for lunch.

6. Who do I complain to about getting grocery circulars in the mail? Last week we didn't get any, and this week we've gotten last week's instead of this week. …I can't live like this.

7. Please, pray for me and the health of my eyes. GeekBaby headbutted me in the left eye this morning, and he really got me good. I know that impacts like that can cause incidents of the wet macular degeneration I had three years ago, and i really don't want to need another uninsured series of avastin injections at $300+ a shot.

For more quick takes, visit Jen @ Conversion Diary. Pardon my lack of enthusiasm. I'm unusually tired this morning.

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4 Responses to 7 Quick Takes

  1. Melanie B says:

    I wish I could get my kids to eat salad. Any of the kids and any salad. But I feel you on the food battles. I don’t even have the patience most of the time to have them help me cook. I just shoo them out of the kitchen under pain of death while I’m making dinner. I think if it were only Bella, though, I’d be doing much more of that kind of thing.

    Prayers for your eyes.

    • GeekLady says:

      Most of the time I wish I could keep him out so I could cook in peace, but he insists, and woe is me if I’m finished before he comes over to “help”. I’d finished putting the minestrone together before he came in from playing and he was pretty angry over that. I had to promise to let him put the pasta in at the end to restore peace.

      I don’t know where his willingness to eat ese things comes from though… He eats all sorts of stuff I wouldn’t touch until I was an adult. I wish I could bottle it.

      • melaniebett says:

        Ben gets that way sometimes when I’m making bread.That’s one thing I let them help with sometimes because I have the recipe memorized so that it’s hard for them to flummox me. Total meltdown if I don’t let him help me poke it down before the second rise.

        I wish you could bottle it too. I’d totally buy some.

  2. nancyo says:

    I used to teach 5th grade religious education and really loved that age child. Maybe it will pleasantly surprise you!

    My girls cooked with me from the time they were toddlers and boy, now that they’re in their 20’s, they are regular kitchen whiz kids. My oldest is starting a bakery – she’s fearless with sourdough (while I avoid it as being too difficult). I found their pickiness in eating to be pretty much unrelated to whether they helped in the preparation. They are both fairly adventurous eaters at this point; it happened in spite of me.

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