7 Quick Takes – Whoops, it’s Saturday Edition

1. Friday was unusually busy. So busy that I forgot my quick takes. GeekBaby had his yearly checkup and I had an experiment to finish, so we took ourselves off to my lab bright and early, where we ate pastries and fixed my latest batch of cardiomyocytes (not at the same time, of course). Then, after GeekBaby had a fit of the shies around Noodles, I took him off to the peditrician's office in the adjoining building. For his shots. Despite his resolution to bravery (if Mommy can have a needle stuck in her arm, great scot so could he!) there were copious tears (which were soon past) and indignant complaints (still ongoing). Then we went to the nursery and bought plants and seeds and to REI to buy some wellies. Now we can go on explores in the rain the next time we get some. At this point we were worn out (up since 5!), so we made a quick stop at the grocery store, just for that night's dinner, and went home to take a nap.

2. Let it never be said I don't flub the occasional bit of cookery. Last night was supposed to be pizza (cheese, for Friday). I got started late (re: nap) and started the sauce and the dough. And my cheater ciabatta pizza dough refused to pull together. I mixed it so long and fierce I thought I would burn my mixer out, and finally I poured it out and started over. THAT one wouldn't pull together either. I had to add a full extra cup of flour to get something even approximating my normal dough, and it was still far too loose. At this point, we'd given up on pizza for dinner, so I poured it into the proofing tub to see if I could coax it to cooperate tomorrow, and we had Caesar salads instead. GeekBaby had the option of leftover pasta, which he chose over a salad. Then instead of eating the pasta, he came over and mooched off my salad! His pediatrician asked if he was a good eater and not too picky, but I think she'd faint dead away if she saw the reality.

3. I'm updating Om Nom Nom again! It should update three times a week. Also, upcoming are my recipes for baked potato soup and cheddar puffs.

4. Speaking of baked potato soup, bacon is on sale again this week, and my excitement over this is unseemly.

5. We've had some lovely cooler weather this week. It even dropped into the 50s overnight a couple days! And, as always when the weather drops to a sane high of low 90s, low of 50s-60s, my brain starts thinking about gardening again. I think about gardening all fall and winter and spring (and do more thinking than actual work, mind) but when summer comes, I usually forget to go out and water things, and they die, and the evil bermuda grass rules over all.

This year, I'm actually going to try to do some real, productive, vegetable gardening. It's been a frenzy of seed catalogs and measuring and calendars over in my house, but I've already determined one thing. If I successfully grow a head of romaine lettuce every week between now and April, it will cover the entire expense of the garden (and then some), even if I never get another vegetable out of it. Surely, surely I can grow lettuce.

6. We're also going to experiment with strawberries. I picked up some bundles of bare root Chandlers at the nursery, and we need to get them in the ground and well watered. Theoretically, next June, there will be strawberries. Theoretically. Strawberries in Texas are annuals, though, so they're an ongoing expense. I'm trying to restrict my selection of annuals to heirlooms, so I can save the seeds myself.

St. Clare Seeds looks like a wonderful supplier, if you're interested in this sort of thing, but seeing which varieties grow well in our hellish climate will take considerable experimenting. It's like we do inverse gardening here – we start seeds indoors because it's too *redacted* hot outside, then when it cools off we move them out into the beds. Usually there is only a week or two of semi-freezing weather to baby them through, then we're back to growing temperatures until it gets too *redacted* hot again, sometime in April.

7. GeekBaby has decided on what he wants his costume to be for Halloween. He wants to be the Gunslinger, from last week's episode of Dr. Who.

…my child is going to be the death of me. I have no idea how I'm going to pull that off for under $20.

For more, and more timely, Quick Takes, visit Jen @ Conversion Diary.


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6 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – Whoops, it’s Saturday Edition

  1. Foxfier says:

    The Gunslinger link didn’t work; This guy?

    • GeekLady says:

      Sorry about that, I spent a lot of time trying to fiddle with links and inserted photos and nothing seems to work. Thank you for the functioning link, I’ll update the post with it!

      That’s him. My son is crazypants.

      • Foxfier says:

        Hm…. Black pants, black shirt, not too hard… black coat, harder, but maybe goodwill has something, ditto the bandoleer and hat… gun…maybe spray-paint a cola bottle silver? Some tubing running off of that, also silver, might be close enough. Especially if you use duct tape and sharpies to do details.

        Eye liner for the face tattoo… half a pair of sunglasses for the monocle? Would he tolerate part of a large coke bottle cut into the right shape, colored and double-sided-taped there? Might be able to get him to accept an eyepatch, if it bugs him too much.

        Totally stealing from the “astronaut” my mom did for my brother, and the “Ninja turtle” from a different year.

        If they don’t have a bandoleer, a cheap belt and a pack of straws might work.

      • Foxfier says:

        I don’t know what his standards are, though. Inherently, I’d NEVER try to cosplay that!

  2. GeekLady says:

    The gun is maybe the easiest part, we have an old poster tube that he’s long appropriated to play Combustion Man, and that could aways be shortened slightly if necessary and decorated, and he can just wear it on his forearm as normal. He can wear that new ugly pair of Osh Kosh jeans my mother in law got him (they’re that ugly not quite black navy denim.) The boots can be a sort of spat that fit over his regular dress boots. I think I’d go eyepatch on the monocle thing, and he’s even got a marshall badge to use. (Technically it’s a Texas Ranger badge, but I figure who’s gonna be looking that close in the dark. It’s got six points, that’s all that matters.)

    It’s that insane duster coat that’s the problem. It would sell the costume, but I don’t begin to know how to duplicate it.

    This is kind of new territory for me – I’ve never cosplayed before, the principle of cosplay being to get people to look at me, and I’d much rather shrivel up and die than have people staring at me.

    • Foxfier says:

      Try second hand stores, in the normal coat areas as well as costume areas. You might find a “cowboy” coat or even the whole outfit– it looks like the biggest odd point is that the cyborg arm’s sleeve is wrapped around his neck, with some kind of wool scarf.

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